The Best of Brews: Top 5 Coffee Shops in the UK

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Despite tea being the signature drink of England, it is, in fact, the strong taste of coffee that is sweeping the nation with more and more coffee shops opening every day. Many coffee lovers tend to stick to their local Starbucks or Costa. However, the coffee connoisseurs out there argue that a local brew is the best there is while sites like Coffee Geek introduce you to a whole new world. Every city in the UK will argue that they have the best coffee, but according to social media and online reviews, the following coffee shops are currently dominating the caffeine market.

Society Cafe, Oxford

Topping several coffee shop lists is the Oxford-based Society Cafe, which is an independent shop which sources its coffee beans from some of the world’s best coffee producing farms and roasters. Located in the city centre on St Michaels Street, this hip coffee hotspot is a hit with the locals who test out their weekly guest coffees which are continually changing. Society Cafe has been so successful that it has now expanded to Bristol and Bath – where the rest of the country can enjoy their unique coffee blends.

Coleman Coffee, London

In the capital city, there are thousands of coffee shops, so of course, it’s hard to choose one to represent the city of London. However, the people have spoken and so has Vogue, with Coleman Cofee taking a spot in their best coffee shops in London edition. If you haven’t tried it, you may have heard the name, with it being the roastery provider for many coffee shops around London. This by default makes them experts in all things coffee, so whether you want to enjoy a sit-in cappuccino, a takeout espresso or a stay-at-home arabica blend – there’s something for everyone in their Waterloo-based shop.

Pot Kettle Black, Manchester

Now the South is covered, it’s time to look north to Manchester, where the award-winning coffee hub Pot Kettle Black is located. Nestled in No.1 Spinningfields, this cafe is not only known for its great-tasting coffee but also the delicious brunches they serve. You can stay traditional with a local delight Manchester tart French toast and a latte or try out the spicy Chorizo and scrambled egg tacos with a Wilson – which is espresso over coconut water. This combination of traditional and unique is what makes this place so popular, as it is frequented by Spinningfield commuters and entrepreneurs looking to show off the city hotspots.

Crosby Coffee, Liverpool

One of the famous roasting companies in Liverpool is Crosby Coffee, who offer a number of unique coffee flavours that are hit with local businesses and beyond. You can opt to sit in and enjoy the coastal vibes, or you can actually get one of their blends delivered to you, where you can enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home. They also have other ventures, such as their on-site coffee shop which will be situated in the RW Invest development One Islington Plaza, offering residents grab and go refreshments which should be a guaranteed hit.

Laynes Espresso, Leeds

Another top-ranking northern coffee company is Leeds’ own Laynes Espresso, which is an espresso bar located right next to Leeds train stations, which is perfect for passing commuters. It is also ideal for remote workers who can enjoy the relaxed feel of the cafe while enjoying a different brew each week, as the flavours are constantly changing to keep things interesting for all visitors and staff.



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