The History of the Emergence of Ancient Universities

Al-Azhar University, Creative Commons

Ever wondered about the origin of universities? If so, this article is going to be of interest you. The term university according to Wikipedia refers to an institution of higher learning or tertiary education and research. Every high school kid desires to go to university, although not all of them make it.

Many Universities have been around for a long time. These institutions for higher learning have produced great men and women who have made great contributions to the world of science and the arts. 

The early universities were different from modern education institutions. They were places where monastic and religious education was taught. Scholars tell us that Modern universities developed from these monastic and religious organizations to become what they are today. In the spaces below, we are going to look at some of these universities origin and how they developed.

Al-Azhar University

First, on this list is Al-Azhar University found in Egypt. This university still stands today to be counted as one of the oldest learning institutions in the world. 

Al-Azhar is a great ancient university that started way back in the medieval ages. It was not until 1961 that it gained the official university status. This happened when it added subjects outside religion such as engineering, business, and medicine and others to its curriculum. 

Early Development 

Al-Azhar started at around 972 AD as a center to teach and spread the Shiite teachings. It taught the Arabic culture and the concepts of Islamic religion. The aim was to spread this knowledge in Egypt. When subjects were later added it was given full university status. 

Universities Which Still Exist

From the old times up to now, there are universities which still exist, but they have modernized their learning. They now teach and carry out professional academic classes and conduct complex research papers which sometimes require the assistance of a professional resume and cover letter writing service.

The University of Bologna

Second, on this list is the University of Bologna. The University of Bologna is found in the Italian city of Bologna. This is a university that has survived for a very long time and is still going strong.

It was established when Italy was a kingdom under the Roman Empire. According to record, it is the first university in the world established in Italy. This is known to be the oldest ancient university in the world – at least the first university to acquire the name university. Bologna is the oldest university in Europe.

Early Development 

In its early days, the University of Bologna was the center of knowledge in Europe. It taught canon law and civil law. Those who attended were mature men like church leaders, heads of schools and cathedrals, etc. Later the faculties of medicine and philosophy (called liberal arts) were added.

Ancient Learning Systems 

Ancient learning systems were not like what we have in modern universities today. For instance, the ancient learning system included select students who were taught by their teachers. Most of these schools were started by churches, monasteries, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues and the like.

The University of Oxford 

Third on the list is the prestigious university of oxford. The famous university of oxford formerly called Oxford College still existed as early as 1096. It gained more students when, at 1167, Henry ll banned English students from the University of Paris. 

The University of Oxford prides of itself of having produced 27 prime ministers of the United Kingdom and 28 Nobel laureates. Being in the land of the English it has produced more people who have invested in academic Professional writing service that many other university students rely on for their academic writing assignments.

The Modern University

University development is something that keeps on taking place in the world. We don’t expect to see an end to it very soon because this is the place where a lot of investment towards higher learning and research take place. 

The University of Salamanca

Another very old university is the University of Salamanca found in Spain. It was started around 1134 and still stands to this day. It started of a cathedral school. This is not strange as this is how most universities started. Salamanca is the third oldest university in the world after al-Azhar and Bologna. 

The University of Padua

Founded in 1222 the University of Padua started like a school of law and theology. Records show that the university Padua began as a result of teachers and students left the University of Bologna because this university had more subjects in the school’s curriculum. 

University of Karueein

Last but not least is the University of Karueein founded in Fez Morocco in the year 859 AD. This makes it the oldest university that still exists up to this day. It is followed by the University of Bologna which is the oldest university in Europe so far.

Those are just but a few universities that started in the old days and are still standing today. These are powerful academic institutions that have produced many great scientific findings that have made great changes in the world today.  The fact that these universities have stood the test of time shows how resilient they are and a sign that their work is great.

In the olden times, universities focus was not as wide as it is today. Today’s universities are more focused on professional classes and academic research and are well equipped technologically. In the early times they focused on helping students develop skills in very limited areas. They taught logic, arithmetic, astronomy, and the arts, etc. Law and medicine were also taught in some universities but not as it’s done today with modern equipment.