The Top Instagram Strategies to Boost Your Following and Engagement

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Instagram is a mammoth of a playground.

As a platform that over a billion users, it’s one of the most successful marketing tools in the world, but also one where it’s hard to get ahead. And if you’ve been struggling with trying to boost your status on Instagram and grow a following, we’ve compiled a few tips on how you can get started. Check them out below:

Invest In The Proper Tools

Boosting your Instagram is all about the numbers. As we measure success by followers, likes, and comments, being able to both keep track of and maintain the growth for those requires the proper tools, as well as an analytical strategy that understands how your audience behaves with your brand. All of this comes with knowing how to arm yourself with the proper tools to study and iterate, as well as grow your presence for the right times.

In mapping out the different tools you might need to be successful on Instagram, the biggest consideration you should have is what your most basic needs are, including where your shortcomings might be. For example, if I’m not a talented graphic designer, then using a design program that has more templates than a more advanced program like Photoshop.

Furthermore, you should also have a system in place for studying metrics, including planning and analytics platform like Buffer or Later, as well as a trusted source to buy Instagram likes online where your content is put in front of the right people at the right time (which, can be especially helpful in drip campaigns).

The other half of being great with these tools is knowing how to utilize them to your full advantage, testing and iterating what different strategies you could be using. Especially as you start to use planning and analytics, you’ll begin to see how much engagement actually goes into posts, as well as how a lot of details come into play; for example, the time of day your posting, or why a certain type of copy is effective on some people while it doesn’t hit right with others.

Furthermore, take the time to look at these tests from week-to-week as well as monthly trends, honing in on what certain patterns in your business and content strategy are effective or ineffective, such as if you started posting more behind-the-scenes content in your Story or ran more content that required engagement, such as surveys or polls.

Ultimately, the metrics behind your Instagram will be the bread and butter in how you define success, so embrace them as a means of telling your story.

Conduct A Brand Audit

From Fortune 500s to small mom-and-pop shops, going through a brand audit is a smart step to understanding where you stand on Instagram. As a platform that’s reliant on visual cues and aesthetics, showcasing that you not only have an understanding of that but appreciation and contribution to add is vital, showing your audience you genuinely care about your brand.

Even if branding is something you couldn’t afford at first, eventually, you’re going to need an image to compete, and for Instagram, that battle starts with your profile picture then down to every detail of your page.

In looking at your profile, ask yourself what exactly you believe your brand stands for, as well as what you would perceive it as upon first glance.

Being objective in this situation can be difficult, which is why imploring the help of either a colleague, friend, consultant or even people online to get an outside opinion is clutch, providing insights on things you may not have noticed. Once you’ve started to establish a little bit of how others perceive your brand, it’s time to start reassessing what you can do to change up the details.

When assessing your budget for redefining your brand needs, the primary thing you should assess is if you need to buy in for a short one-time sprint or hire someone on to do your branding full-time.

For example, if I only need to update my website, logo, or identity kit, then a short-term deal with a designer would be a better spend versus if I constantly was needing posts made or copywriting done, then hiring someone full-time would better suit. If you do choose to hire someone, know that if you’re paying in the short-term for big items, don’t be afraid of putting up a solid budget, giving yourself the opportunity to truly have a brand people want to gravitate towards.

The biggest reason people follow brands is because of the lifestyle and ethos they stand for; your brand is the most powerful tool you have to express that as a launching off point for yourself to grow and connect with others.

Become A Social Butterfly

Instagram is the biggest online community for socializing. No other platform comes close in both the number of people and engagement on a platform, which is why if you want people to genuinely come to your page and like or comment on your posts (and of course, follow you), then you need to go out and do the same. The best shortcut to getting more followers and engagement is to leave more comments, which comes with a certain level of nuance.

When leaving comments, the first thing you should consider is coming from the genuine side of your brand. A good rule of thumb is to write things you, as well as those who represent you, would be proud to see.

While it’s fine to be funny or serious or even congratulatory, the most important thing is both showing a genuine appreciation for those in the same industry or in the same universe of your brand, as well as contributing something positive to the conversation. Make this a time where you really get to know those around you, and learn to have fun with it…who knows? Maybe you’ll really fall in love with it.



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