Top 5 Oldest Universities Worldwide

Educational institutions that have a long history have always fascinated young aspiring learners. They have a great heritage, and many remain relevant and active until today. Such entities offer classical courses as well as many modern specialties.

Studying in these universities might be challenging as is it requires great effort and dedication. However, it is all worth it, as the students get amazing knowledge and respectable degrees.

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Now, let’s look at the top five oldest universities, where you can study today.

University of al-Qarawiyyin (Morocco)

This place is considered the oldest institution in the world, as it was established in 859 AD. It is named the longest continuously-operating higher education institution by UNESCO. Here is a short historical background for you – the university was founded by Fatima al-Fihri, the well-educated daughter of a merchant. She had used the money inherited to purchase and rebuild a mosque where later the educational institution was opened.

This university is the first institution that started granting degrees of different educational levels. It values tradition in terms of educational programs and the process itself to a great extent. The focus al-Qarawiyyin is on Islamic religions and Law. There are also Mathematics and Foreign language programs that started in the 20 century. It is open both for men and women of Islam. There are now more than 8, 000 students in the campus.

University of Bologna (Italy)

This is the oldest university in Europe, and it still opens its doors for students. Founded in 1088, UNIBO remains one of the best institutions of higher education in Italy.

The word “Universitas” was used here the first time in its today’s meaning. The original subjects in UNIBO were liberal arts, theology, and law. 

Nowadays, over 86,000 students are attending Bologna University. Eleven schools are divided into 33 departments. They focus on the main fields of knowledge, such as Agriculture, Pharmacy and Medicine, Law, Engineering, Art, Political Science, etc. UNIBO offers different educational programs, from the Bachelor and up to post-doctoral studies.

University of Oxford (The United Kingdom)

The exact date of this university’s establishment is debated; it is believed that Oxford opened its doors in 1096. It is not only one of the oldest but also a very prestigious university. This respectable institution is an alma-mater to 28 British Prime Ministers. It is also home to 69 Nobel laureates

There is a separate university town with many buildings and locations for many activities. There are many old buildings that one can easily call architectural masterpieces and amazing parks that are open to the general public as well. 

There are 39 colleges and 6 Permanent Private Halls. Nowadays, almost 24,000 students attend Oxford University. The range of sciences and courses taught here covers nearly every specialty.

University of Salamanca (Spain)

The teaching in this university commenced in 1134. It is located in a beautiful city in Spain and remains one of the best educational institutions in the country. Starting as a cathedral school, it grew into a university with many specialties and departments.

The university is prominent for its magnificent architecture and historical buildings. Currently, the total number of attendants is about 28,000. 

The university focuses mainly on Humanities. It is known for Language courses, Law and Economics.

University of Cambridge (The United Kingdom)

Cambridge is another prestigious institution of the United Kingdom known all over the world. The official year when it is believed to have opened its doors is 1209. It was founded by students who left Oxford University after a dispute with the townspeople. The two establishments have many common features and great heritage.

Nowadays, there are 31 colleges and six schools in Cambridge. There is also the oldest publishing house in the world, Cambridge University Press. The vast libraries provide access to more than 15 million books. It is home to 117 Nobel laureates and 14 British Prime Ministers. Even Sir Isaac Newton studied here.

Currently, near 20,000 students attend Cambridge. The community comprises almost 20% of the town population.

Final Words

The long story behind every one of these five institutions is simply amazing. All of there universities remain reputable research centers for modern studies and provide excellent opportunities for students. 

There are no better examples of how inspiring and long-lasting love for knowledge and the power of enlightenment can be!