Why Medieval Weapons Are Popular Among American Collectors

The medieval period is often described as the “time of ignorance and superstition”. The king, his knights, and people were very superstitious. Anything out of the ordinary would draw superstition. While superstition played a major role in the people’s lives of the medieval period, safety was always a concern. Only the soldiers, archers, and knights had access to the best weapons. As crime escalated, landowners and average people had to defend for their own. Below, you will discover a list of weapons that were utilized for defense during the medieval era.


The broadsword was mostly utilized by the knights. The sword had a double-ended blade that measured between two to three inches in width. The broadsword could be anywhere between 35 and 50 inches in length. The knights had to be strong to utilize the broadsword because it weighed more than three pounds. These weapons were hard to come by, so they were expensive for that era.


The ax was commonly utilized by the foot soldiers. But, it was also the weapon-of-choice for many landowners and average people. During the medieval period, the blacksmiths utilized bronze and iron to made the axe blade. The handle was generally made of wood. The foot soldiers typically utilized the double-handed axe while others stuck with the single-handed axe. When you are not collecting medieval axes, you can enjoy online gaming at CasinoGuru.ca.

Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow was an extremely popular weapon during the medieval period. The foot soldiers utilized the bow and arrow because it was so effective. However, it took a lot of practice to achieve accuracy with the bow and arrow. The medieval bow was constructed from hazel, elm, and yew but ash, all durable materials. There were several types of bows available during this period. These types include the regular or short bow, crossbow, and longbow, all of which utilized a specific type of arrow.

Medieval arrows were designed with feathers on one end and an arrowhead on the other. The shaft was straight with two or three feathers to ensure better accuracy. The size of the feathers was determined with the size of the arrow. For example, larger feathers were utilized for heavier, larger arrows and vice versa for lighter arrows.

The longbow measured between 27-1/2 inches (70 centimeters) and 35-1/2 inches (90 centimeters) in length. The arrow utilized for the longbow had a diameter of about one centimeter. The crossbow measured between 8.6 inches (22 centimeters) and 14.9 inches (38 centimeters). Crossbows were utilized for defense and hunting.


The spear was another popular weapon utilized by foot soldiers and a few locals. The spearhead was constructed from carbon steel, which is a very durable material. The tip was rounded to ensure accuracy when jabbing and piercing. The handle was made of wood and measured anywhere between 21 and 35 inches in length. Foot soldiers were trained to accurately throw the spear for long distances.

War Hammer

Another weapon utilized by the foot soldiers during the medieval period is the war hammer. The war hammerhead was attached to a long wooden pole. So, it could be thrown for long distances with a high level of accuracy. Some war hammers were designed with a spear on the opposite end of the pole. These were extremely popular because they could be utilized for other uses besides defense.


Daggers were utilized by knights, average people, landowners, and other members of the King’s army. The medieval dagger was mostly utilized for fighting in intense battles. During the medieval period, the dagger was the only weapon that commoners were permitted to carry and utilize for defense. The dagger was also utilized for mending shoes and boots, eating, farm jobs, and repairing houses.

Many people of the medieval period believed the dagger enhanced the man’s attire. It was considered “fashionable”.


American collectors are always on the lookout for medieval weapons. These weapons can go for $500 or more, depending on what condition they are in. Of course, the availability of these weapons is limited due to demand. Some knights, foot soldiers, and other important people of the medieval period would have the handles of their weapons customized to make them unique. These weapons are extremely rare, so they are more valuable. The eagle symbolized “man of action” while the falcon symbolized “vigilance”.



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