Top 5 Student-Athlete Perks You Can Enjoy in College

It’s a rare high school student who doesn’t dream about college. People pursue degrees not only for the sake of prestige and expanded career possibilities. In college, students learn important academic and life lessons, develop crucial skills, and broaden their horizons. Just like high school graduates, athletes apply to colleges to get a coveted degree and a set of skills necessary to succeed in their future profession. But in fact, athletes can enjoy even more benefits in college than a regular student. Want to know what kind of perks your dream college can offer? Go on reading our article.

Academic and Support Services

You know that the adaptation period in college is no picnic. New classes, teachers, dorm conditions, which can be far from being perfect, piles of homework only aggravate the problem. Of course, you’ll get used to your new college life quickly. Once you make new friends and settle into a new routine, things will start to look up for you. But until then, you can avail yourself of academic support, such as state-of-the-art technology and tutoring, that is provided exclusively to freshman student-athletes. Though some students view look at athlete-focused support services skeptically, in fact they may come in handy in the process of adjusting to a new lifestyle. Once you get into college, you can schedule an appointment with an athlete-focused academic advisor with whom you can share your concerns. You can also ask him or her for advice or inquire about the available resources, including those granted by the Academic Enhancement Fund and NCAA’s Student Assistance Fund, student-athletes have at their disposal in college.

By the way, your advisors are not the only source of academic assistance. Should you have any problem with your research paper or an essay, which are an integral part of your college life, you can contact a reliable academic writing service, such as Wondering why college athletes should be paid essay? It’s the surest way to deliver an important paper on time, when you’re between a rock and a hard place. By a rock we mean strict professors, while a hard place is obviously your coach, who’s no less strict and demanding than your teachers.

Early Class Registration

It’s good to know that you have certain privileges over others in college. Thus, many higher learning institutions present their student-athletes with an opportunity to get the first pick when it comes to choosing their classes. Such a privilege enables you to register early for the preferred courses before your classes are filled to the brim. Though you’ll be able to enjoy this perk only as a freshman, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Scholarship Opportunities

One of the most considerable perks granted to student-athletes is scholarship. College athletes have a chance to lessen the financial burden placed on their families by receiving an athletic scholarship. According to the NCAA’s statistics, more than 150, 000 student-athletes get billions in athletic scholarships annually, which helps them pay their tuition fee and cover accommodation, medical care, and transportation costs.

Don’t get upset if you find yourself unable to win a coveted scholarship. Apart from athletic scholarships, there are plenty of other options you can qualify for. You may want to consider applying for Fitness and Education Scholarship, CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship, or federal Pell Grants.

Exceptional Training Opportunities

NCAA member educational institutions offer their students regular access to fully-equipped training facilities. Moreover, the majority of colleges hire highly qualified and experienced coaches that can develop an individual approach to each athlete and attend to his or her specific needs. Some colleges also provide access to physiotherapy and massage.

Fulfilling and Meaningful Pastimes

Though many athlete-students complain about their inability to participate in wild parties, hang out with friends, and maintain relationships, they tend to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life compared to other students. College-bound athletes participate in competitions where they can demonstrate their prowess and get motivated to aspire to new heights. Competing in collegiate sports is an excellent opportunity to develop not only physical, but also leadership, teamwork, time-management, communicative, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, daily training sessions facilitate bonding with other athletes with whom you can become lifelong friends.

Now that you know what perks a student-athlete can enjoy in college, it’s about time you start looking for an appropriate higher education institution that will help you earn a degree and compete at the professional level.