Top Games to Train Your Brain and Avoid Possible Issues

Finished Bananagrams crossword / Photo by LissaRhys, Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to keep your brain healthy and strong? You have to pay attention to its training and exercise. Numerous activities will help you to train your mind and improve your response time, logic skills and memory.

If you want some exciting methods to improve the fitness of your mind, here are some great options for you.


It is an addictive number placement brain game that depends on your memory. To complete a Sudoku puzzle, you have to pay attention to different consequences. For instance, if a box has a 6 number, then the next one can be an 8 or a 4. With this planning, you can improve your concentration and short-term memory.

Fortunately, you can play this game online or on a card. Different books are available with free games. Moreover, apps are available for tablet or phone. It is possible to increase the level of difficulty. Before playing this game, you have to learn its rules.

Card or Board Games

With sbobet alternatif, it is easy to play free card games from the comfort of your home. These games will prompt your brain to take important decisions, choose between things and analyze cards or numbers. As a result, you can notice the improvement in the cognitive function of your mind.

During a card or poker game, players have to handle several emotions. As a result, these games are suitable for your emotional maturity. All these games are useful to improve your money management and observational skills.


With this mental fitness and brain training website, you can play three games a day for free. This platform enables you to challenge your brain through fun training. Numerous games, activities and tests are available for mental fitness and brain training.

Happy Neuron

On this platform, activities and games are divided into critical areas of the brain, such as executive functions, spatial/visual, language, attention and memory. You can personalize your training for mental fitness and track your progress.


With a self-described program for brain fitness, this platform offers numerous puzzles and games to users. They can help you to give an inclusive workout to your brain. Through this program, you can access over 100 brain exercises.

Each exercise is designed to improve concentration and attention. With these tasks, you can prevent symptoms of Alzheimer and other mental diseases.

Brain Fitness

You can find it free on the iTunes store for lots of fun and healthy games. This platform has well-designed games by neuroscientists. Each player can track his/her progress along with a cognitive evaluation.

To increase competition, feel free to challenge your associates and buddies. It will help you to improve the function of the brain and prove your smartness.

Brain Trainer

Android and iPhone users can download free versions of brain trainer. This app has a vast collection of brain games, math games, language games, etc. With brain trainer, it will be easy for you to tailor your personal fitness goals and gaming experience.