Watch a Year’s Worth of Trump Supporters Spouting Vitriol, Racism, Fascist Rhetoric



Trump supporters tend to emerge from his rallies incensed and spewing vitriol. (Photo: Darron Birgenheier/flickr/cc)

It’s no secret that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump fills his speeches with nationalism and xenophobia.

And in a three-minute video published by the New York Times late Wednesday, a collection of clips from the divisive nominee’s rallies throughout the past year reveals how Trump’s chilling rhetoric is being channeled by his followers.

Watch the footage:

Over the course of several minutes, Trump supporters—alternately jubilant and enraged—are shown spewing racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs, sucker-punching protesters, and displaying a worshipful attitude toward Trump that reminds viewers why his candidacy has been provoking comparisons to 1930s Germany.

Trump acolytes are captured shouting:

“Build the wall! Build the wall!”

“Send them bastards back!”

“If you don’t speak English and you don’t contribute, get out of here!”

“Get the fuck out!”

“Fuck Islam! Fuck ’em!”

“You don’t talk about America when you’re supporting Muslims!”

“Hang the bitch!”

“Sieg Heil!”

“He’s the last chance we have to establish law and order.”

“I swear, on Tuesday I will go to the polls and vote for Donald Trump!”