White Students Send Black Classmate Threatening Video Message, Police Investigating (VIDEO)


From Nan Austin at The Modesto Bee / 04.08.2016:

In a 12-second Snapchat video, a teenage boy holds a noose around his neck, grinning as he says, “You must die (expletive),” his tongue wagging loosely as he laughs with other boys unseen behind the camera. Then he says the full name of an African-American schoolmate and the camera cuts to a handgun firing.

The Central Catholic High School student named received the video on March 25, Good Friday, after the school had closed for Easter break.

“We were out at the store and when I saw the expression on his face – he had been happy and joking around, and he showed me the video and I was just flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it,” said Tanya Porter, the teen’s mother.

Normally, Snapchat videos are deleted after 24 hours if opened, but Porter captured it with her phone and said she showed the disturbing video to the school’s dean as classes resumed Monday morning.