The Magazine that Inspired Rolling Stone

‘When you look back on it, where else would those articles appear? The Saturday Evening Post?’ Nick Lehr/The Conversation via flickr, CC BY-SA By Dr. Peter Richardson / 11.08.2017 Coordinator, American Studies San Francisco State University The 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine has arrived, and not without fanfare. Joe Hagan’s biography of co-founder Jann Wenner appeared in October[…]

Betwixt Nature and God Dwelt the Medieval ‘Preternatural’

Telling-tales; a comet above Augsburg in 1618. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Laura Bland / 10.30.2017 Visiting Assistant Professor in Medieval Studies University of Houston After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the American pastor John Hagee became notorious for blaming the devastating storm on the ‘sins’ of the people of New Orleans. The outcry forced him[…]

Press Attacks during the Administration of George Washington

At the time of his inauguration, George Washington was described in almost universally glorified terms by the national presses. However, by the end of the President’s first term, hostile newspaper writers were attacking the administration’s domestic and foreign policy. These attacks escalated in Washington’s second term into personal attacks questioning his integrity, republican principles, and even military[…]

Techniques of a 19th-Century Fake News Reporter Teach Us Why We Fall for It Today

German journalist and novelist Theodor Fontane. Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Petra S. McGillen / 04.05.2017 Assistant Professor of German Studies Dartmouth College Donald Trump appears to have a straightforward definition of fake news: Stories that are critical of him or his presidency are “fake,” while those that praise him are “real.” On the surface, the[…]

The Challenge Facing Libraries in an Era of Fake News

How can students think critically about information in today’s age? UBC Library Communications/flickr By Donald A. Barclay / 01.04.2017 Deputy University Librarian University of California, Merced Imagine, for a moment, the technology of 2017 had existed on Jan. 11, 1964 – the day Luther Terry, surgeon general of the United States, released “Smoking and Health:[…]

“They Don’t Give a Damn about Governing” Conservative Media’s Influence on the Republican Party

By Jackie Calmes / 07.27.2015 A paper by Jackie Calmes, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (Spring 2015) and national correspondent for The New York Times, examines the increasing influence of conservative media on the Republican Party’s agenda. Calmes traces the history of conservative media, from its founding after World War II to the present-day proliferation of talk[…]

News Coverage of the 2016 General Election: How the Press Failed the Voters

By Dr. Thomas E. Patterson / 12.07.2016 Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press Harvard University A new report from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzes news coverage during the 2016 general election, and concludes that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump received coverage that was overwhelmingly negative in[…]

Misinformation on Social Media: Can Technology Save Us?

Sharing election hashtags: Dots are Twitter accounts; lines show retweeting; larger dots are retweeted more. Red dots are likely bots; blue ones are likely humans. / Clayton Davis By Dr. Filippo Menczer / 11.27.2016 Professor of Computer Science and Informatics Director of the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research Indiana University, Bloomington If you[…]

O Canada, Why?! Over Half a Dozen Journalists Revealed to be Monitored by Police 11.04.2016 On Wednesday, a scandal involving police monitoring of a Quebec journalist expanded after police confirmed that at least six other members of the press have been spied on in recent years. The scandal began Monday, when Montreal newspaper La Presse reported that Patrick Lagace, one of the paper’s columnists, had been repeatedly made the[…]

Calling for Prosecution of Its Own Source, Washington Post Slammed for ‘Towering Cowardice’

(Image: ACLU/with overlay) Prominent newspaper received for reporting on NSA programs leaked by Edward Snowden — Now they want him locked him away for it By Jon Queally / 09.18.2016 Shocked by the “towering cowardice” of the Washington Post‘s Sunday editorial calling for Edward Snowden to be prosecuted, journalist Glenn Greenwald led the charge against[…]

Verdict: Lauer Was Lousy in Moderating NBC ‘Commander-in-Chief’ Forum

By Joe Gandelman / 09.08.2016 The Moderate Voice Editor-in-Chief The verdict is most assuredly in: NBC’s Matt Loauer was Matt Lousy as the moderator in Wednesday night’s NBC “Commander-in-Chief Forum.” It featured Lauer interviewing Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The reaction from most professional journalists was a combination of[…]

Social Media is Changing Our Digital News Habits – But to Varying Degrees in US and UK

Same news, different medium? Elvin   By Dr. David Levy (left) and Dr. Damian Radcliffe (right) / 06.14.2016 Levy:  Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford Radcliffe:  Professor of Journalism, University of Oregon Digital technology has dramatically reshaped the news and media industries in the past decade. We’ve left[…]

Couric Destroys Own Credibility in 8 Seconds

The question, and then the non-existent pause By Matthew A. McIntosh / 06.05.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Former CBS news anchor and current Yahoo “Global News Anchor” Katie Couric recently produced a documentary, “Under the Gun”, about gun violence and control in the United States. It was admittedly a POV (point-of-view) documentary, and that’s fine.  What is[…]

China’s Independent Journalists Face High Risks — And Are in High Demand

Some independent journalists in China call themselves grassroots historians and publish their writing on social media platforms. They also participate in historical gatherings such as the Shenzhen History Carnival in 2014, seen here. Photo from Jiang Xue’s Weibo. This article was written by Ip Iam Chong and originally published in Chinese on citizen media platform[…]

A Little Proportionality When Reporting on Terrorism, Please By Mark Daniels / 05.23.2016 Terrorists are in the business of engaging in a kind of asymmetric warfare. Their power dwarfed by nations with standing armies and sophisticated military establishments, they give vent to their grievances through shocking attacks that require, not armies, but individuals or small cadres. Terrorist groups make a small investment[…]

Why the History of News Explains Its Future

Newspaper stand in London. Yukiko Matsuoka   By Dr. John Maxwell Hamilton and Dr. Heidi J.S. Tworek Hamilton – Professor of Journalism, Manship School of Mass Communications, Louisiana State University Tworek – Assistant Professor of International History, University of British Columbia Was May 2016 the month that faith in print newspapers finally died? On May[…]

Journalism Since the French Revolution

Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Jürgen Wilke Professor of Journalism and Communications Johannes Gutenberg University Translated by: Christopher Reid Editor: Jürgen Wilke Copy Editor: Christina Müller Abstract Journalism refers to the system of procuring and disseminating the contents of modern media of mass communication. Those who exercise this function are called journalists. The historical beginnings of[…]

Legendary Reporter Morley Safer Dead at 84

CBS News Correspondent and 60 Minutes Anchor Morley Safer, 11.08.1931 – 05.19.2016 / Wikimedia Commons By Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.19.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Sad news on the journalism front today as Morley Safer, a long-time correspondent for CBS News and anchor on 60 Minutes, passed away just one week after his retirement at the age[…]

Drone Journalism is Coming, Like It or Not

Unmanned aerial vehicles could be low-cost eyes in the sky for media, but there are social and safety implications. By Tyler Hamilton Last month, it was reported that a fancy resort in Italy was going to start using drones – officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles – to assist lifeguards. The drones will be set[…]

Azerbaijan’s Hunger Games: Independent Media on the Brink

Meydan TV homepage. Screenshot taken on April 24. By Arzu Geybullayeva / 04.24.2016 A strategically-placed oil-producing state in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan hosted the European Games last year, and despite some of the worst authoritarianism in the ex-Soviet region retains healthy relations with the West. But for what remains of its independent press and beleaguered opposition, life in the country is[…]