Momentum isn’t Magic: Vindicating the ‘Hot Hand’ with the Mathematics of Streaks

When a player’s on fire, is it hot hands? / Shutterstock   By Dr. Joshua Miller and Dr. Adam Sanjurjo / 03.26.2017 Miller: Assistant Professor of Economics, Bocconi University Sanjurjo: Assistant Professor of Economics, Universidad de Alicante It’s NCAA basketball tournament season, known for its magical moments and the “March Madness” it can produce. Many[…]

Boxing: The Brief History of a ‘Science’

Boxing will still be filled with will they, won’t they questions / Image by Jeffrey Pott (Flickr Creative Commons) By Adam Park / 08.17.2015 PhD Candidate in American Religious History Dissertation: Sports and Religion Florida State University I recently tried to explain to a four-year-old why I whimpered in pain when she “honked” my nose.[…]

The Life and Legacy of Muhammad Ali

A young Muhammad Ali / Creative Commons Edited by Dr. Andrew R.M. Smith / Jan.-Feb. 2017 Assistant Professor of Cultural Histroy Nichols College Before Mayweather vs. McGregor, There Was Ali vs. Inoki By Roberto José Andrade Franco PhD Candidate in History Southern Methodist University Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor has moved away from the absurd[…]

The Superbowl’s Evolution from Football Game to Entertainment Extravaganza

Fireworks go off before Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. Andrew Kelly/Reuters   By Dr. Peter M. Hopsickler and Dr. Mark Dyreson / 02.02.2017 Hopsickler: Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University Dyreson: Professor of Kinesiology, Affiliate Professor of History, Pennsylvania State University In just 50 years, the Super Bowl[…]

The NFL Joins the Data Revolution in Sports

The NFL joins the Age of Metrics. / Shutterstock By Dr. Galen Clavio / 09.21.2016 Associate Professor of Sports Media, Director of the National Sports Journalism Center University of Indiana, Bloomington In some potentially game-changing news for the way we understand professional football, the National Football League began the 2016 preseason by placing tracking sensors[…]

Skateboarding to be Included in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Brazilian pro skateboarder Luan Olivera performs a switch 360 flip at the Maloof Cup, a skateboarding competition in South Africa. Neftalie Williams, Author provided With skateboarding’s inclusion in Tokyo 2020, a once-marginalized subculture enters the spotlight By Neftalie Williams / 08.21.2016 Lecturer University of Southern California On Aug. 6, skateboarding was added to the list of[…]

The Olympics Go Medieval

Competitive sports were alive and well in the Middle Ages. Which would be Olympic sports? This curator imagines. By Elizabeth Morrison / 08.18.2016 With the Olympics being avidly watched over the past couple of weeks, there may be some curiosity about what elite sports were like in the time between the original Greek games and[…]

A Guide to the Ancient Olympics

Nike, goddess of victory, crowns the winner of a boxing match. Panathenaic prize amphora with lid (detail), 363–362 B.C., attributed to the Painter of the Wedding Procession. Terracotta, 35 1/4 in. high. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 93.AE.55. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program What really happened in the ancient games? Learn[…]

Since Ancient Greece, the Olympics and Bribery Have Gone Hand-in-Hand

A bronze statue, ‘The Boxer of Quirinal.’ Sometimes ancient Greek boxers would bribe their opponents. Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Nigel Crowther / 07.31.2016 Emeritus Professor of Classical Studies University of Western Ontario As a professor of classical studies, I’ve noticed some remarkable differences and similarities between the modern and ancient Olympic Games. The medals, the[…]

Does Practice Make an Olympian? Not By Itself.

Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson. REUTERS/John Silber By Dr. Brooke Macnamara / 07.27.2016 Assistant Professor of Psychology Case Western Reserve University We’ve all heard that “practice makes perfect,” or at least that “perfect practice makes perfect.” Is this true? Some would unequivocally say “yes.” In 1993, psychologist K. Anders Ericsson and colleagues proposed the deliberate practice view,[…]