10 Best Ideas for Writing a Research Essay

Whether you’re a college junior or on your way to graduation, writing research essays is always stressful. Coming up with an idea your professors will love is half of the work, however. That is why we are here to discuss several of the best ideas you should consider when writing your next research essay.

  1. Environment Preservation

Regardless of whether you live in the US, Canada, or the UK, climate change is something we are all affected by. You can focus your research essay on a plethora of environmental topics such as alternative energy sources, climate, and water or air pollution. This can inspire you to write an amazing research essay from your personal perspective.

  1. Human Psychology

We are all inherently prone to emotional triggers and act in certain ways. Your research paper can delve into various psychological questions such as addiction, evolution, AI, or even social hacking and stereotypes. Given how many topics fall into psychology, you can really get creative with your main thesis.

  1. Social History

There are numerous examples of civilizations and societies throughout history which we can learn from. You can base your research paper on country-specific art, political movements, wars, revolutions, or even economic events such as The Great Depression.

  1. Business Development

Speaking of economy, business development is an interesting contemporary field worth exploring through a research paper. Make sure to visit top-ranked essay writing sites for assistance in writing your essay to really get your point across. You can tackle global franchises, The Wall Street, servicing, advertisement, or even the process of writing and publishing itself.

  1. Literary Research

Writers, scholars, and publishes have made it possible for billions to enjoy books, research papers, and essays throughout history. Your research can be based on specific works, authors, literary genres, or even metaphor and writing style research. Focusing on literary research will also allow you to develop your own writing voice.

  1. Laws and Governments

Legal systems and governments across the world are ripe with research essay topics you can tackle as a student. Check out news hubs such as CNN or BBC and brainstorm on topics concerning mass communication, legal issues, and societal regulations. Election laws, women’s rights, and copyright should also be considered for your essay.

  1. Argumentative Research

Your research essay doesn’t have to revolve around a specific field of studies if you choose so. Argumentative research essays on why certain things are right or wrong can also work well. As an example, marihuana legalization, obesity in society, or the question of abortion can offer numerous research avenues for you to explore.

  1. Educational Systems

As a student, you are in a unique position to get an inside look at how modern education works. This can be the basis of your research, and you can focus on various aspects of education in doing so. Topics such as global literacy, life-long learning efficiency, or viability of e-learning can be used as great research essay ideas.

  1. Ethics and Morality

It’s safe to say that we live in a severely unequal society, regardless of which continent or country we look at. Your research paper can tackle the questions of ethics and morale through contemporary examples of societal injustices. Questions of LGBTQ+ rights, the presence of GMO in foods, or even gun-related death rates can be raised through your writing and explored in great detail.

  1. Health-Related Research

While you may not be a student of medicine yourself, everyday health issues can still serve as great starting ideas for your research essay. You can explore a wide range of topics, including HIV, stress induced by work or studying, as well as healthcare costs from people’s perspective.

To Summarize

You can tackle any number of these topics through your research essay regardless of what your major is due to their flexibility and open-ended nature. To start with, make sure that you consult with your professor and figure out what topics, issues, and fields you are passionate about. Go through the list of ideas we’ve outlined, and you should have a good idea of what kind of an essay you want to write.

Bio: Henry Mcdowell is a professional writer and editor with a passion for writing research papers and case studies. Henry is a major in English Literature and enjoys expressing his thoughts and experience through online publishing. In his spare time, he likes to visit local bookshops and peruse through old publications.



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