Texas House Bill 11 – Immigrant Harboring Law – Blocked by Judge for Violating Supremacy Clause

Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw gives testimony during a joint committee hearing on border security on Jan 21, 2016 By Julián Aguilar / 04.14.2016 A federal judge has blocked part of the state’s omnibus border security bill that makes harboring undocumented immigrants a state crime. Under a provision of House Bill 11, which went into[…]

No, We Still Don’t Know the Route Hannibal Took Over the Alps

Hannibal embodying perseverance / Wikimedia Commons By Mary Harrsch Retired University of Oregon College of Education Ancient Times A history resource article by Mary Harrsch © 2016 Earlier this month the news media was whipped into a frenzy by reports that Bill Mahaney, a geologist and professor emeritus at York University in Toronto, Canada, had “found”[…]

How Cults Exploit One of Our Most Basic Psychological Urges

How might a cult assuage the anxieties of its followers? ‘Hands’ via www.shutterstock.com By Dr. Lou Manza Professor and Department Chair of Psychology Lebanon Valley College The new Hulu TV series “The Path” – described by Time as the streaming service’s “best show yet” – centers on a cult-like faith, Meyerism, whose adherents seek fulfillment[…]