Michael Cohen, Trump Surrogate, Can’t Vote for the Boss in New York – He’s a Registered Democrat!



CNN Screen Capture

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 04.16.2016

It just doesn’t get much richer this.  Trump lawyer and main surrogate Michael Cohen will not be able to vote for “the Donald” in the New York primary – because he’s a registered Democrat!

Cohen told CNN’s John Berman, “Do I personally, as a voter, as a supporter of Mr. Trump, believe that the process is rigged? I do. I think that the … establishment does not want Mr. Trump to be the nominee…Me, personally, I’m actually a registered Democrat. So I don’t really care about Reince Priebus.”

New York has a closed primary, which means that a person may only vote in the party’s primary with which the person is registered.

“Well, I’d like to be one of his children. I’d like to be one of them,” said Cohen, following on Berman’s amusement that Trump’s own children were not even registered, “but no, I’m not voting in the primary. I’m a registered Democrat.”

Well, Mr. Cohen, you can still vote in the Democratic primary – maybe “Feel the Bern” a bit.