Drone Journalism is Coming, Like It or Not

Unmanned aerial vehicles could be low-cost eyes in the sky for media, but there are social and safety implications. By Tyler Hamilton Last month, it was reported that a fancy resort in Italy was going to start using drones – officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles – to assist lifeguards. The drones will be set[…]

Indiana Called for Bernie Sanders!

By Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.03.2016 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief In a Michigan replay, Sen. Bernie Sanders has defied the polls.  The Associated Press has called the Indiana primary – currently Sanders’ 53.2% to Clinton’s 46.8%. Pundits from coast to coast have been all but demanding that he exit the race as they continue their quest to[…]

How to Weather the Next Few Years of Climate Change

Hurricane Isabel viewed from the International Space Station in 2003. Credit: NASA. By Marc Brodine / 05.03.2016 The title of this piece should instead be: how to weather the next few years of stupid politics over climate change while watching the oceans rise, acidify, and lose oxygen, and while watching extreme drought, forest fires, and[…]

A Forensic Anthropologist Who Brings Closure for the ‘Disappeared’

Fredy Peccerelli Executive Director, Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation Fredy Peccerelli works with families whose loved ones “disappeared” in the 36-year armed conflict in Guatemala. The executive director of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation, he helps locate bodies and give back identities to those buried in mass graves. Why you should listen In Guatemala’s brutal civil[…]

Clinton in Appalachia Declares: ‘Long Live Coal’

Meeting with community members in Ashland, Kentucky on Monday, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said her previous anti-coal comments were “misused” against her. (Photo: Hillary Clinton campaign) By Laura McCauley / 05.03.2016 Campaigning in Appalachia on Monday, Hillary Clinton claimed she “misspoke” when previously declaring her opposition to coal, telling voters that as president she would[…]