Why Give Breaks to Huge Corporations When We Could Invest Public Money Down the Street?

Photo by PapaBear/iStock. Cities and states fork over an estimated $70 billion each year to large companies that don’t need public assistance to thrive. We could spend that money on our own neighborhoods. By Kasia Tarczynska / 05.06.2016 There’s no doubt you’ve heard it: state politicians praising small businesses for their role in job creation.[…]

Computational Facility Named After Langley “Human Computer” Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson worked at NASA’s Langley Research Center from 1953 to 1986. Since her retirement, she’s been a strong advocate for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. / Credit: NASA, David C. Bowman The “human computer” who calculated the trajectories for the first U.S. human spaceflights was honored May 5, 2016, at NASA’s Langley[…]

How Did the Ancients Colorfast Their Textiles?

French “Indienne”, “Le Grand Corail”, a printed or painted textile in the manner of Indian productions, which used mordants to fix the dyes.  Photographed at the Musée du textile de Wesserling, Alsace, France by Rémi Stosskopf.  Image released to the public domain. By Mary Harrsch Historian Roman Times [A] young Frenchman, Antoine de Beaulieu, an employee of the French[…]