How to Mend a Broken Heart

The need to mend broken hearts has never been greater. But what if we could simply manufacture a new one? Alex O’Brien studies the legacy of Texan surgeons and artificial hearts. By Alex O’Brien Haskell Karp was 37 when he suffered his first heart attack, and over the next ten years he suffered a variety[…]

The American Revolution as a European Media Event

By Dr. Frank Becker Professor of History Universität Duisburg-Essen Abstract The American Revolution was not only a European media event because it was discussed throughout the European media, but also due to the fact that news from North America flowed from one European country to another. Often courier networks emerged that covered numerous cities –[…]

Snowflake College Students

By David Robertson / 05.27.2016 Snowflake college students are the subject of a lengthy article published by The New Yorker. In The Big Uneasy, author Nathan Heller introduces his readers to the snowflake students who attend Oberlin College, a place where, according to Heller, the norms run left of Bernie Sanders. Just how flaky are[…]

Finding Solitude in an Era of Perpetual Contact

Don’t neglect to unplug and be actually alone. Woman on beach via By Dr. Scott Campbell Professor of Telecommunications University of Michigan Being alone has many benefits. It grants freedom in thought and action. It boosts creativity. It offers a terrain for the imagination to roam. Solitude also enriches our connections with others by[…]

The History of Coffee in Iceland

By Tumi Ferrer The history of coffee in Iceland dates back to November 16th 1703, when Árni Magnússon – a scholar and collector of many highly valuable Nordic manuscripts – acquired a quarter of a pound of coffee from a friend. To begin with, coffee was rare and only enjoyed at the episcopal see Skálholt[…]

At a Loss for Words: Modern Lessons From a Lost Language

Wikimedia Commons By Krystal D’Costa It’s hard to imagine that knowledge could be lost today. Technology seems to have put the ability to know almost everything within our grasp. So when researchers announced that they had “found” a previously unknown Peruvian language earlier this year, it was strangely tantalizing. Here was knowledge that we couldn’t[…]

The Phenomenology of Animal Life

Edmund Husserl     By Dr. Dominique Lestel, Dr. Jeffrey Bussolini, and Dr. Matthew Chrulew Lestel – Professor of Philosophy, École normale supérieure, France Bussolini – Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, City University of New York Chrulew – Research Fellow, Curtin University, Australia 5:1 (2014), 125-148 Abstract This paper presents a bi-constructivist approach to[…]

Official RNC Protest Rules Designed to Stifle Demonstrators

An anti-Trump protest in April. (Photo: A. Jones/flickr/cc) Cleveland’s “extreme limitations” on protests, laid out on Wednesday, decried as “vague and unacceptable.” By Deirdre Fulton / 05.26.2016 The city of Cleveland’s rules for the Republican National Convention (RNC), released Wednesday, are “unacceptable and far too restrictive,” according to advocacy groups and protest organizers. The convention,[…]