Russian Officials Make Plans for an Autonomous, State-Controlled Internet

A new draft bill lays the groundwork for an autonomous RuNet. Image from Wikipedia By Tetyana Lokot / 05.27.2016 Russian officials at the Communications Ministry are preparing the groundwork for a Russian Internet that would be fully controlled by the state. A new draft bill, tentatively titled “On the Autonomous Internet System,” would enable government[…]

A Community in Life and Death: The Late Neolithic Megalithic Tomb at Alto de Reinoso

Mercer Family Plot at Bonaventure Cemetery. Photo © Ron Cogswell, Creative Commons   By Dr. Kurt W. Alt and Dr. Stephanie Zesch, Alt – Professor of Biological Anthropology, Danube Private University Zesch – Biological Anthropologist, German Mummy Project 11:1 (Jan. 2016) Abstract The analysis of the human remains from the megalithic tomb at Alto[…]

Bernie Sanders is a Candidate for Today’s Movements

By Kate Arnoff / 02.12.2016 Yesterday, The Atlantic’s Eric Liu asked what it would take to move presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s ambitious proposals from “we’re gonna” to “we’ve done it,” outlining seven steps to bridge the gap. First among Liu’s recommendations is a call for a “Bernie’s 30” of progressive congressional Democrats to oust Republican[…]

Without this, Technological Progress in the 19th Century Would Have Been Much Slower, but More Responsible

An 1858 woodcut celebrating the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable. (Library of Congress) By Ben Wilson / 05.22.2016 There is something wonderfully seductive about our gadgets. Sleek and futuristic, they seem not of this world – and certainly not of the toxic, noisy world of extractive rock mining. Few think of the ecological impact[…]