William the Conqueror’s Childhood

William the Conqueror By Susan Abernethy The Freelance History Writer Young William was the illegitimate child of Duke Robert of Normandy. We know little of his life when he was a very young boy. Duke Robert died when William was seven leaving him to rely on other men to rule his duchy until he came[…]

Indian Forests: Proposed Indian Legislation Targets 33 Percent Tree Cover

Kudremukh National Park, India Valuing nature’s bounty and accounting for it on the balance sheets of companies and nations. CK Staff / 05/25/2016 New legislation approved in May by lawmakers in India’s lower house, the House of the People, would allocate $6.2 billion (U.S.) to building new forests across India. The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill[…]

Investing in Urban Agriculture: Permaculture, Community Gardens On the Rise

City parks are prime real estate for community gardens, but more unique urban agriculture options are gaining popularity. / Mosman Council / flickr By Jennifer Brooks In 2014, Boise was chosen as one of 15 communities to receive the Darden Foundation/NRPA partnership’s Grow Your Garden grant, a $10,000 award for community garden development in existing city parks.[…]

Trump Responds To Third-Party Candidate The Only Way He Knows How (TWEETS)

On Sunday, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol teased that an “independent candidate – an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance” could be entering the presidential race very soon – an announcement that would strike fear into the heart of the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Although Kristol didn’t throw out any specific names, it was[…]

How World War II Spurred Vaccine Innovation

Military needs drove the development of vaccines we still use today. US troops storming beach via www.shutterstock.com. By Dr. Kendall L. Hoyt Assistant Professor of Medicine Dartmouth College War and disease have marched arm in arm for centuries. Wars magnify the spread and severity of disease by disrupting populations. As large groups of people move[…]

Salute to the Troops: The History of Memorial Day

By John Reichley / 05.25.2016 Leavenworth Times This commemorative Memorial Day edition hopefully will assist in getting readers in the mood to celebrate, commemorate or do whatever they want to call it on Memorial Day. This feature will touch on the history of Memorial Day, how some communities celebrate it and provide a general understanding[…]

The Good Life in Balance: Insights from Aging Japan

Flickr user MrHicks46 / Creative Commons By Dr. Iza KAVEDŽIJA Professor of Social Anthropology University of Oxford 5:3 (2015) Abstract Happiness in the Japanese context can usefully be understood as deriving from a series of negotiations or “balancing acts” between contrastive values and orientations to the world. Of particular importance for older Japanese is a[…]