Social Media is Changing Our Digital News Habits – But to Varying Degrees in US and UK

Same news, different medium? Elvin   By Dr. David Levy (left) and Dr. Damian Radcliffe (right) / 06.14.2016 Levy:  Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford Radcliffe:  Professor of Journalism, University of Oregon Digital technology has dramatically reshaped the news and media industries in the past decade. We’ve left[…]

Why Are So Many of Us Over-Sensitive?

© Harriet Lee-Merrion at Heart Agency When a gentle glow feels like a spotlight and everyday sounds hurt your ears, life can get anxious and painful. But, discovers Emma Young, there may be an upside to being highly sensitive. By Emma Young / 06.14.2016 At the age of six, Jack Craven started telling his mother[…]

ACLU Sues Cleveland Over ‘Draconian Reach’ of RNC Protest Rules

Police in riot gear stand behind a group of protesters at the 2008 RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota.  (Photo:  Brendan Scherer/flickr/cc) ‘The restrictions on speech put in place by the city of Cleveland are arbitrary, unnecessary, and unjustifiable.’ By Andrea Germanos / 06.15.2016 The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio on Tuesday filed a lawsuit[…]

Gravitational Waves Found Again: Here’s How They Could Whisper the Universe’s Secrets

By Dr. Graham Woan / 06.15.2016 Professor of Astrophysics University of Glasgow The international team of physicists and astronomers responsible for the discovery of gravitational waves back in February has announced the detection of a second strong signal from the depths of space. It is further confirmation that gravitational waves both exist and tell us[…]

Rover Opportunity Wrapping up Study of Martian Valley

“Marathon Valley” on Mars opens to a view across Endeavour Crater in this scene from the Pancam of NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity. The scene merges many exposures taken during April and May 2016. The view spans from north (left) to west-southwest. Its foreground shows the valley’s fractured texture. / Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ. “Marathon Valley,”[…]