Oklahoma Lawmaker Shares Article Arguing Islam Isn’t A Religion, Calls For ‘Final Solution’

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki By Jack Jenkins / 06.21.2016 An Oklahoma lawmaker personally propagated an article over the weekend calling for a “final solution” regarding “radical Islam,” arguing that the 1,400-year-old faith is not a religion and should not be protected under the first amendment of the Constitution. On Sunday, Oklahoma State Rep. Pat Ownbey re-published[…]

Machiavelli, Comedian

Illustration of Machiavelli featured in the title page to Historie di Nicolo Machiavegli cittadino & secretario fiorentino (1540) / archive.org Most familiar today as the godfather of Realpolitik and as the eponym for all things cunning and devious, the Renaissance thinker Niccolò Machiavelli also had a lighter side, writing as he did a number of[…]

Trump Walks Proposed Muslim Ban Back – AGAIN

06.25.2016 If we’ve learned anything from Donald Trump’s constant flip-flopping on his policies and stances on issues, it’s that whenever he tries to fix an idiotic statement he’s made, he usually just manages to make it far worse. We saw this with his numerous stances on abortion, in which he first stated that women should[…]

Disagreeing Without Personal Attacks

By David Robertson / 06.25.2016 One task that the legal guardians of children have is the task of teaching children the art of disagreeing without engaging in personal attacks. This particular art form is often missing in the comments sections of website articles and blog commentaries. For example, Gretchen Carlson states the following in one[…]

Oxytocin Changes Everything

By Jacob Devaney / 06.25.2016 How to Release this Hormone to Live a Happier Life What does petting a cat, hugging a friend, deep breathing, a walk in the woods, and giving away money to someone have in common? These are but a few ways to release the hormone of love and connection, Oxytocin. We[…]