Above and Beyond – Grower Relationships

Coffee Growers in El Salvador / Wikimedia Commons By Shanna Germain There’s a lot of talk in the coffee world about being responsible. There’s an environmental responsibility to protect forests and birds. There’s an ethical responsibility to sell quality coffees. But the biggest responsibility seems to be that of a social responsibility, one that ensures[…]

Toilets Before Temples

By Anna da Costa / 06.25.2016 India’s spiritual leaders are asking for a change of priorities. A greater number of people die each year as a result of unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and insufficient hygiene than those who tragically lose their lives to war, terrorism and other forms of overt violence[1]. Seeing this ‘hidden’[…]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Destroy Ancient Indigenous Temple in Mexico

A statue of an Otomi warrior seen in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico. | Photo: Wikicommons The criminals behind the destruction of a sacred millenia-old temple claimed they were serving god.   Members of the Christian sect Jehovah’s Witness reportedly destroyed a sacred Indigenous archaeological heritage site in central eastern Mexico in an act of apparent religious[…]