11 Haiku to Teach Kids about Art

The elements of art, described entirely in verse—using real and mythological creatures By Porche’ Carter / 08.09.2016 My journey as a poet and haiku master began in grade school, in 7th grade to be exact. My English teacher, Ms. Knight, introduced me to a form of expression that I would continue to use in my[…]

The Dark Side of Ethical Robots

By Dr. Alex Winfield / 08.09.2016 Professor of Robotics University of the West of England, Bristol When I was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in 2014, Justin Webb’s final question was, “If you can make an ethical robot, doesn’t that mean you could make an unethical robot?” The answer, of course, is yes.[…]

The Ancient Hopi Message about Water

Final Panel, Journey of the Human Spirit by Michael Kabotie and Delbridge Honanie – “The Hopi Water Serpent returns to teach the brother/sister twins the responsible truths necessary to unify all humankind” By Jacob Devaney / 03.19.2016 Igniting a global movement to change the way we think about water Water sustains all life. Her songs[…]

Why Save a Computer Virus?

Hex code from the Blaster worm reveals the potential motivations of the worm’s creator. Ward Moerman   By Dr. Howard Besser (left) and Jonathan Farbowitz (right) / 08.08.2016 Besser – Professor of Cinema Studies, New York University Farbowitz – Graduate Student in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, New York University On average, 82,000 new malware[…]