Skateboarding to be Included in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Brazilian pro skateboarder Luan Olivera performs a switch 360 flip at the Maloof Cup, a skateboarding competition in South Africa. Neftalie Williams, Author provided With skateboarding’s inclusion in Tokyo 2020, a once-marginalized subculture enters the spotlight By Neftalie Williams / 08.21.2016 Lecturer University of Southern California On Aug. 6, skateboarding was added to the list of[…]

Obama Administration Ending Federal Private Prison Contracts

The LaSalle Detention Center in Jena, Louisiana, a for-profit prison operated by the GEO Group. | Immigration Detention Justice Center By C.J. Atkins / 08.18.2016 Private, for-profit prison companies are having a rough time on Wall Street today after a new memo from Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates was released that instructs federal officials not[…]