The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color (VIDEO)

By cataloging every conceivable human skin tone, Angélica Dass illustrates that skin color and race are more complex than they might appear at first glance. Angélica Dass Artist and Photographer Angélica Dass’s photography challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity. In this personal talk, hear about the inspiration behind her portrait project,[…]

A Guide to Coffee Cupping

A word from Geoff Watts, Director of Coffee, Intelligenstia Coffee: I’m a firm believer that understanding is developed through the act of comparison. Learning to talk about the character of a coffee from a particular origin requires that one have some frame of reference, and if the goal is to figure out what makes a[…]

Every Day Closer to a New Way to Orbit

09.16.2016 Two years after selecting the next generation of American spacecraft and rockets that will launch astronauts to the International Space Station, engineers and spaceflight specialists across NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, Boeing and SpaceX are putting in place the elements required for successful missions. Here are eight things to know about Commercial Crew: Astronauts Suni[…]

Meet the Street Kids of India Who Have Their Own Paper

Street kids playing in Ahmedabad. Image from Flickr by Sandeep Chetan By Palash Ranjan Sanyal / 09.18.2016 A Delhi-based newspaper written and published by street children has been telling their stories in their voices and struggling for their rights for over a decade now. The newspaper named Balaknama, meaning ‘Voice of Children’ in Hindi, has built up a solid reputation[…]

Trump To Attend Ohio Pastors’ Meeting Hosted By Tsunami-Stopping Prophet

By Miranda Blue / 09.19.2016 Back in May, we reported that Ohio pastor Frank Amedia was serving as a volunteer “liaison for Christian policy” for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, setting up meetings for the candidate with conservative religious figures. Amedia, as we noted at the time, is part of a controversial movement of self-proclaimed “prophets”[…]

Are You a Chronic People-Pleaser?

By Sarah Powers / 09.19.2016 Letting Go of The Need to Please Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others. ~ Brene Brown When I was in the seventh grade, I moved to a new city and started a new school. I was terrified and[…]