The UAE Has Avoided an ‘Arab Spring’ by Systematically Repressing Critical Speech

Behind the UAE’s glitzy skycrapers, lies a dark reality of human rights violations. Photo by L Constantino via Wikimedia By Afef Abrougui / 09.21.2016 Three years ago, the UAE government prosecuted en masse 94 government critics and activists who called for reform in the Emirates. Since this time, there has been no Arab Spring-like uprising. No anti-government[…]

A Look at Burr Grinders

From Coffee Investigator Simply put, it’s a grinder with two slicing discs that are grooved. These discs can be moved closer together or father apart, all depending on how fine or coarse the grind needs to be (for your taste). While these slicing discs are more costly than the propeller grinders, they work slower and[…]

Self and Other

Flickr user coolio-claire / Creative Commons By Bob O’Hearn / 05.21.2016 The Conscious Process The great Buddhist master Shantideva, in his famous guide to cultivating the mind of enlightenment, which is translated as “The Way of the Bodhisattva”, wrote: “Whoever wishes quickly to become a refuge for himself and others should undertake this sacred mystery,[…]

Trump Used Foundation Donations To Pay Off And Settle Private Lawsuits

By Ryan Denson / 09.20.2016 Another day, another real Trump controversy. While the media hyper-focuses on Hillary Clinton’s “pay-for-play” scandal (that wasn’t actually a scandal, just crappy reporting from the Associated Press), a Washington Post report has found a major smoking gun regarding the Trump Foundation: Donald Trump spent more than a quarter-million dollars from his charitable[…]

Neurons Feel the Force – How Physical Interactions Help Control Brain Development

Researchers have identified a new mechanism controlling brain development: that neurons not only ‘smell’ chemicals in their environment, but also ‘feel’ their way through the developing brain.  09.19.2016 Scientists have found that developing nerve cells are able to ‘feel’ their environment as they grow, helping them form the correct connections within the brain and with[…]

How Trump Winks at Political Violence

By Dana Milbank / 09.21.2016 Washington Post Columnist So, Donald Trump thought he’d have a little fun this weekend with the idea of Hillary Clinton being assassinated. The Republican presidential nominee suggested that, because Clinton favors restrictions on guns, her security detail should be disarmed. “Take their guns away,” he proposed. “Let’s see what happens[…]

Because ‘We’re Running Out of Time,’ World Leaders Finally Commit to Tackling Superbug Scourge

MRSA attacks a human cell. The bacteria shown is the strain MRSA 252, a leading cause of hospital-associated infections. (Image: Rocky Mountain Laboratories/NIAID/NIH) “It’s clear that if we don’t begin to reverse it now, it’s going to be much harder in the future” By Andrea Germanos / 09.21.2016 More than a decade after the World[…]

Exploding Head Syndrome

By Vaughan Bell I’ve just found an article with two interesting cases of ‘exploding head syndrome’ – a medical condition where affected people spontaneously hear an exceptionally loud explosion-like noise. The condition is relatively harmless, causing people only to be startled, and it doesn’t seem linked to seizure activity or epilepsy. Owing to the fact[…]

Tiny House Boom

Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon provides tiny houses and community. / Erik Kingston How to bring a native housing form back from extinction By Erik Kingston / 05.12.2016 In her best-selling book Biomimicry, Janine M. Benyus describes the human quest to learn from nature. We want to employ the qualities of spider silk, gecko feet[…]