Peeking Between Memory and Perception

Harvard Junior Fellow Caroline Robertson is the lead author of a study that suggests a person’s brain constructs a 360º scene of his or her environment. / File photo Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer Study zeroes in on how humans interpret visual environment By Peter Reuell / 09.28.2016 he human field of vision is only about[…]

Rituals in Buddhism

Visakha Bucha Thailand, Buddhist culture / Wikimedia Commons By Gil Fronsdal Insight Meditation Center Rituals, as important elements of human life, have been a significant aspect of Buddhist practice since the time of the Buddha. Rituals are a form of language that expresses many dimensions of our human condition, including our relationships to others and[…]

Early Stage Breast Cancer: How to Know Whether to Forgo Chemo

Woman receiving chemotherapy. / Shutterstock   By Dr. Valerie Malyvanh Jansen (left) and Dr. Ingrid Mayer (right) / 09.01.2016 Jansen – Clinical Instructor Mayer – Associate Professor of Medicine Vanderbilt University There has been substantial publicity about the MINDACT trial, which could lead to changes in breast cancer treatment. The study’s results suggest that women[…]

Mass Authenticity

By Rob Horning / 10.03.2016 The tenacity of “authenticity” as an ideological talisman — as a motive force and a post hoc explanation for actions, as an all-purpose aspiration and excuse — stems from how it posits what it purports to merely describe. It seems to denote “genuineness,” like it were simply a rhetorical equals sign, but in practice it[…]

The Führer and the Donald: The Ghost of a Resemblance

Trump is no Hitler, but their propaganda tactics are strikingly similar. By Dr. Nicholas O’Shaughnessy / 10.02.2016 Professor of Communications Queen Mary University Nicholas O’ShaughnessyMuch has been made recently of alleged parallels between the authoritarian taint of current political events in the USA and the rise of European fascism in the inter-war period. One Oxford[…]

What the World’s Oldest Calculator Tells Us About the Ancient Greeks’ View of the Universe

The fragmented remains of the Antikythera mechanism. Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis By Dr. Mike Edmunds / 07.20.2016 Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics Cardiff University When we talk of the history of computers, most of us will refer to the evolution of the modern digital desktop PC, charting the decades-long developments by the likes of Apple and Microsoft. What[…]