John Oliver Eviscerates Idea of Online Polls (VIDEO)



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Since Donald Trump has to rely on make-believe to think he’s actually winning in this presidential election, after the first debate he relied upon random internet polls to say that he won. Newsflash — he really, really didn’t.

However, that didn’t stop Trump from trying to pretend that he won, so not letting him get away with it was none other that John Oliver on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

Oliver went through point by point explaining that random online polls are not representative of actual polling, but rather just the opinions of whoever or whatever decided to take the poll. He then used the hilarious example of how an online poll even ended up naming a boat the ever clever name of “Boaty McBoatface.”

Oliver also slammed Fox News’ Sean Hannity for humoring Trump and also declaring him the winner of the debate with the use of the same random internet polls. Also bringing up the fact that Fox News itself had to issue a memo that those polls aren’t scientific and are not to be used as fact, stating they “do not meet our editorial standards.”

Who knew Fox News had standards, and how badly do you have to f*ck up to get called out for not following them?

All in all, it’s quite nice to see these blowhards get called out for being, well, blowhards.