The Man Who Gave Himself Away

How discovering an equation for altruism cost George Price everything. By Michael Regnier / 09.13.2016 All images © Jasu Hu Laura met George in the pages of Reader’s Digest. In just a couple of column inches, she read an abridged version of his biography and was instantly intrigued. In the 1960s, apparently, egotistical scientist George[…]

History Comes Alive – A French Tour

Hôtel de Ville in Vannes (Photo copyright of The Freelance History Writer) By Susan Abernethy / 09.23.2016 The Freelance History Writer I will be the first to admit I’m a history geek. From the moment I watched the “Six Wives of Henry VIII” TV series in the early seventies, it was love at first sight.[…]

How to Grow from Your Regrets

Wikimedia Commons By Kira M. Newman Sometimes, regret is a deadweight that we carry through life, slowing us down and making our shoulders ache. But other times, it turns into a kind of fuel; it propels rather than hinders, motivates rather than distracts. What’s the difference between these two outcomes? A new paper by researchers[…]

Spacecraft ‘Nuclear Batteries’ Could Get a Boost from New Materials

There are no gas stations or power outlets in space. That’s why NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars–and some other NASA spacecraft that explore the solar system–use something called “radioisotope power.” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is working with the Department of Energy on ways to make the next generation of radioisotope power systems even more powerful[…]

Large Group of Students and Professors at Liberty University Fed Up with Falwell-Trump Bromance

By Conover Kennard / 10.13.2016 Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. still supports Donald Trump even after the recently released video showing the reality show star turned GOP presidential nominee bragging about sexually assaulting women. However, students at the evangelical university aren’t following Falwell in lockstep. A strongly worded statement was issued Wednesday by the[…]

Is Artistic Inspiration Contagious?

A new study tries to measure the impact of reading on creativity and the motivation to write. By Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman / 08.04.2016 Scientific Director, Positive Psychology Center University of Pennsylvania “The central, final, inescapable fact is that inspired words create life in us because they are themselves alive,” wrote English classical scholar Cecil[…]

‘Disillusioned Words Like Bullets Bark’: Folk Great Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

Bob Dylan, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday, pictured in New York City in 1965. (Photo: Simon Murphy/flickr/cc) ‘For having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,’ American lyricist and social icon receives prestigious award By Jon Queally / 10.13.2016 Bob Dylan, the folk music icon who first[…]

Hypocrisy of Trump

By Joe Gandelman / 10.12.2016 Editor-in-Chief, The Moderate Voice The floodgates are now breaking for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. There are now some seven women who are coming forward, giving out their names, accusing him of sexual assault over the years. His campaign now threatens to turn Bill Clinton “into Bill Cosby” by bringing[…]