Trump Drools Over 10-Year-Old Child: “I’m Going to Be Dating Her in Ten Years.” (VIDEO/AUDIO)


By April Hamlin / 10.13.2016


Proof that Donald Trump is a lecherous sexual predator just continues to pile up. In the wake of the tape of the GOP nominee bragging about sexual assault, a steady stream of women have come forward to tell their harrowing tales of being groped by Trump. Now, a new tape has emerged that shows Trump drooling over a 10-year-old girl while he says that he will “be dating her in ten years.”

The video from 1992 comes from the vaults of Entertainment Tonight and features Trump’s predatory behavior on full display as he eyes up a mere CHILD.

In the video, you can hear Trump ask the young girl if she is going up the escalator and then he says this:

“I’m going to be dating her in ten years. Can you believe it?”

At the time, Donald would have been 46 years old. What kind of man in his 40s looks at a little girl and thinks “I’m gonna hit that in a few years?” I’ll tell you what kind: a f*cking sexual predator.

The same kind who gets accused of raping four women, including a 13-year-old girl. The same kind that hangs out with well-known abusers like Jeffery Epstein and Roger Ailes. The same kind who brags that he can just start kissing random women without their permission and “grab ’em by the pussy.” And apparently, the same kind that the GOP has chosen to drive the final nail into the coffin of the Republican party.