Lost in High-Dimensional Space: Study Improves the Cure for the ‘Curse of Dimensionality’

Researchers have developed a new method for making effective calculations in “high-dimensional space” – and proved its worth by using it to solve a 93-dimensional problem. 10.13.2016 Researchers have developed a new technique for making calculations in “high-dimensional space” – mathematical problems so wide-ranging in their scope, that they seem at first to be beyond[…]

Brewing Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee in Sirince. (Photo by jechstra, Creative Commons License) By Mark Prince Turkish coffee brewing is an intriguing and special method of making coffee that goes back to the 16th century, predating almost every other currently-used method of brewing a cup of java. It’s also surprisingly easy to do. Your biggest expense is a[…]

Mission Prepares for Next Jupiter Pass

This artist’s rendering shows NASA’s Juno spacecraft making one of its close passes over Jupiter. / Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech 10.14.2016 Mission managers for NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter have decided to postpone the upcoming burn of its main rocket motor originally scheduled for Oct. 19. This burn, called the period reduction maneuver (PRM), was to reduce[…]