Canada’s Trudeau Government Discards First Nations Pipeline Consult Promise

Indigenous leaders gather on Lelu island where the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation has set up camp to protest the construction of the Petronas LNG terminal. | SkeenaWatershed Coalition By Kimball Cariou / 10.17.2016 A vigorous debate is underway over what exactly Canada’s federal government means by its various statements and election promises regarding approval of[…]

The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole

Statue of Mary Seacole / Wikimedia Commons Mary Seacole is hailed for her role in caring for sick and wounded British servicemen during the Crimean War. On hearing of the plight of soldiers in the Crimea, she made her way independently to help “nurse her sons suffering from cholera, diarrhoea and a host of lesser[…]

Hinduism and Buddhism: An Introduction

Detail, Krishna Killing the Horse Demon Keshi, Gupta period, 5th c. CE, terracotta (Metropolitan Museum of Art) By Dr. Melody Rod-ari Assistant Professor of Asian Art History Loyola Marymount University Origins of Hinduism Krishna Killing the Horse Demon Keshi, Gupta period, 5th c. CE, terracotta (Metropolitan Museum of Art) Unlike Christianity or Buddhism, Hinduism did[…]

Empire of Things

Illustration by Paige Clark By Jeremy Runnalls / 09.22.2016 Denunciations of modern consumer culture have become a staple of the modern environmental movement, the product of an insatiable and corrupting need for more that is driving the planet beyond its limits. On the other side lies the neoliberal view that individual choice is an inherent[…]

Self-Renewable Killer Cells Could Be Key to Making Cancer Immunotherapy Work

A small molecule that can turn short-lived ‘killer T-cells’ into long-lived, renewable cells that can last in the body for a longer period of time, activating when necessary to destroy tumour cells, could help make cell-based immunotherapy a realistic prospect to treat cancer. 10.26.2016 In order to protect us from invading viruses and bacteria, and[…]

Japanese Candy Sculpture (VIDEO)

By David Pescovitz / 10.26.2016 Shinri Tezuka, 27, sculpts candy into beautiful, creepy, and very sweet creatures like goldfish and octopuses. The centuries-old practice is called amezaiku, but according to Great Big Story, “today there are only two artists left in Tokyo. Tezuka hopes his elaborate goldfish, frog and octopus designs will inspire the next[…]

The Medieval Clotheshorse: Roger Wieck on the Fashion Revolution of the Middle Ages

Philosophy Presenting the Seven Liberal Arts to Boethius (detail), miniature in a French manuscript of The Consolation of Philosophy attributed to the Coëtivy Master, about 1460–70 Clothing changed with the times in manuscripts and real life By Annelisa Stephan Editor, The Iris A “fashion revolution” in the Middle Ages? Yes, says art historian Roger Wieck,[…]

Preserving Fright, One Haunted House at a Time

A virtual reality scene – one for each eye – of a haunted ride. Joel Zika By Joel Zika / 10.25.2016 Lecturer in Visual Communications Design Deakin University I vividly remember my first haunted house ride – it was at the local fairgrounds, just a temporary carnival truck, more façade than ride. I must have[…]

What if You Never Find ‘The One’?

Photo by Ana Luísa Pinto By Heidi Priebe / 10.26.2016 Daring to Ask the Forbidden Question Imagine something crazy for me, quickly. What if you peered into a fortune ball right now – this very second, today – and saw with indisputable clarity that you were never going to meet the love of your life?[…]