Six Steps to Prepare for End-of-Life Care

Photo:  Kaiser Health News Ellen Rand shares the lessons she’s learned about preparing for the death of a loved one. By Ellen Rand / 10.17.2016 As a hospice volunteer, I once asked a woman I’d been visiting for several months what she wanted for her upcoming 75th birthday. She was wheelchair-bound, living in a nursing[…]

How a New Generation is Changing Evangelical Christianity

Youths hold hands for a prayer during a gathering at sunset outside the Christian Fellowship Church in Benton, Kentucky. David Goldman/AP By Dr. Richard Flory / 10.27.2016 Senior Director of Research and Evaluation Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences University of Southern California Since the late 1970s, American evangelicalism has been largely identified with[…]

Drawing, the Art of Infinite Possibilities

Figure Studies, 1553–56, Taddeo Zuccaro. Red and black chalk, 10 3/8 × 13 7/8 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 91.GG.58. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program A late-Renaissance sketch by Italian artist Taddeo Zuccaro is surprisingly contemporary in its use of space and experimentation By Minna Philips / 10.28.2016 Figure Studies[…]

Cause of Phantom Limb Pain in Amputees, and Potential Treatment, Identified

Researchers have identified the cause of chronic, and currently untreatable, pain in those with amputations and severe nerve damage, as well as a potential treatment which relies on engineering instead of drugs. 10.27.2016 Researchers have discovered that a ‘reorganisation’ of the wiring of the brain is the underlying cause of phantom limb pain, which occurs[…]