The Philosophy of Suicide

By Dr. Massimo Pigliucci / 12.27.2013 Professor of Philosophy City College of New York (CUNY) Here I will focus on the philosophical side of the discussion, for which an excellent summary source, with a number of additional references, is this article by Michael Cholbi in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, to which I will keep[…]

The Victorian Vision of China and Japan

Victoria and Albert Museum The myth of the exotic East has always been a potent one in the West, fuelling such images as Coleridge’s ‘stately pleasure domes’. By the time Victoria came to the throne in 1837, however, the romantic yearning to penetrate hidden worlds was being superseded by a desire to reach the apparently[…]

The ‘Born-Free’ Generation

Masixole Mlandu, a University of Cape Town (UCT) student protest leader, during a national shutdown protest. Cape Town. 2015. By Sipho Mpongo / 12.21.2016 All Photos by Sipho MPongo In 1994, South Africa celebrated its first universal elections. The event marked the end of apartheid, the institutionalized system of racial segregation that characterized the country[…]

On Western and Chinese Conception of Time: A Comparative Study

Time flies / Photo by Alan Cleaver, Creative Commons By Dr. Alberto Castelli / September 2015 Professor of Philosophy Xiamen University Philosophical Papers and Review 6:4 (23-30) Abstract While Western thinking considers change within a unique process stretching ad infinitum, Eastern thinking conceives change within a process that hold together repetition and transformation. Making sense[…]

Foucault from Beyond the Grave

Michel Foucault – French philosopher, historian of ideas, social theorist, philologist and literary critic (1926-1984) / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Michael C. Behrent / 12.19.2016 Professor of Modern European History Appalachia State University Few living thinkers have been as prolific as the dead Michel Foucault. In the thirty-two years since his death, he has published[…]

Ancient Babylonian Demon Possession and Exorcism

Anzu persued by Ninurta, palace relief, Nineveh While most people tried to prevent demon possession if they could, once a person came under the influence of demons, an exorcism was the only remedy. In ancient times, the local exorcist was both a priest and a doctor. They were the intermediaries between the victims and the[…]

A Visual Glossary of Hindu Architecture

Prambanan temple ruins, built c.mid-9th century CE / Wikimedia Commons By Mark Cartwright / 12.19.2016 Historian Adisthana – the decorative raised platform on which a temple is built. The Brihadishvara Temple (side view), Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. c. 1010-1025 CE. The temple is, at 65 m high, one of the largest Chola period buildings. Alasa kanya –[…]

Just Be

By Bob O’Hearn / 06.03.2014 The Conscious Process “The mind is not other than Buddha. Buddha is not other than sentient being. When mind assumes the form of a sentient being, it has suffered no decrease; when it becomes a Buddha it adds nothing to itself.” ~Huang Po Back in the Diamond Sutra days, the[…]

This Small Town Refused to Settle for Wal-Mart When Its Last Local Grocery Store Closed

Debbie Bearden, coordinator at the Allen County Farm Bureau Association, sits in southeast Kansas’ Mildred Store behind the deli’s original butcher block. The store, which was a well-loved fixture famous for its sandwiches, had closed when the original owner passed away. The Allen County GROW Food and Farm Council helped the new owners reopen in[…]

The Neolithic Cultures of Thessaly, Crete, and the Cyclades

Illustration of a Neolithic settlement at Dmini By Dr. Jeremy B. Rutter Professor of Classics Dartmouth College General Middle Neolithic Monochrome Painted Urfirnis: Collar-necked Jar. / Wikimedia Commons In their comprehensive study of the Greek Neolithic, Demoule and Perl`s divide this era into three major horizons which they view as being separated by significant changes[…]

A Tour of the ‘Triumph of Bacchus’ Tapestry

Triumph of Bacchus, about 1560, design by Giovanni da Udine under the supervision of Raphael; woven at the workshop of Frans Geubels, Brussels. Wool, silk, and gilt metal-wrapped thread. Courtesy of Le Mobilier National. Image © Le Mobilier National. Photo by Lawrence Perquis By Amelia Brown / 04.29.2016 Graduate Intern, Sculpture and Decorate Arts Department[…]

The Preachers on Trump’s Inaugural Podium

Members of the clergy lay hands and pray over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio / Reuters By Peter Montgomery / 12.29.2016 Donald Trump’s inaugural committee has announced that six faith leaders will take part in his swearing-in ceremony by offering prayers or delivering readings.  Among[…]

Try Being Kind to Yourself

Making New Year resolutions? Kalyan Kanuri By Dr. Kristin Neff / 12.31.2016 Associate Professor of Educational Psychology University of Texas, Austin Many of us will start out the New Year by making a list of resolutions – changes we want to make to be happier such as eating better, volunteering more often, being a more[…]