The Romance of Joséphine and Napoleon Bonaparte

Portraits of Joséphine and Napoleon Bonaparte / Wikimedia Commons By Catherine Delors Every marriage is complex, this one more than most. At first glance, the 26 year old General, with his angular face and brusque manners, and the graceful queen of the brilliant but corrupt demi-monde of the late Revolution seem to form an odd[…]

Clovis and the Franks

Baptism of Clovis, by Master of Saint Giles, c.1500, oil on panel / Samuel H. Kress Collection, National Gallery of Art, London By Dr. Paul H. Freedman / 10.03.2011 Chester D. Tripp Professor of History Chair, History of Science and Medicine Program Yale University Gregory of Tours and Procopius as historians   Left: Procopius on[…]

Pets in Ancient Egypt

Cult copper statue of a crocodile. From Faiyum, modern-day Egypt. Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty, circa 1800 BCE. (State Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich, Germany). By Dr. Joshua J. Mark / 03.18.2016 Professor of Philosophy Marist College The ancient Egyptians kept animals as pets ranging from domesticated dogs and cats to baboons, monkeys, fish, gazelles, birds[…]

The Furietti Centaurs from Hadrian’s Villa

The Old Centaur, Hadrianic grey-black marble sculpture of a centaur based on Hellenistic models. By Carole Raddato / 01.12.2017 Historian From Hadrian’s Villa are a pair of dark-grey marble statues of centaurs. The sculptures became very famous due to their sculptors’ outstanding workmanship and the rarity and high quality of their materials. The group was[…]