How Neighbors Turned Unused Buildings into a Thriving Community Hub

Fair State’s annual Co-Optoberfest brings Northeast Minneapolis together through beer, brats, and Bavarian-style merriment every fall. As rents rise and independent businesses in Minneapolis lose their leases to large national chains, a first-of-its-kind co-op found a solution. By Christa Hillstrom / 02.03.2017 After years of brewing at home, Evan Sallee and his partners at Fair[…]

Why No Revolution in 1848 in Britain?

Palace of Westminster / Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. John Merriman / 10.08.2008 Charles Seymour Professor of History Yale University The Nature of Revolution: Politicization of the Common Man Coronation of Francis Joseph I and Elisabeth Amalie at Matthias Church, Budapest, 8 June 1867, by Edmund Tull / Wikimedia Commons Today, what I want to[…]

Adam Smith: The Invisible Hand

Portrait of Adam Smith (the Muir Portrait, after the family who once owned it, probably painted posthumously, based on a medallion by James Tassie), c.1800 / Scottish National Gallery, The Mount, Edinburgh Lecture by Dr. Iván Szelényi / 09.24.2008 Professor Emeritus of Sociology Yale University Smith in a Historical Context Balliol College, Oxford University We[…]

Origins of Classical Utilitarianism: Jeremy Bentham

Portrait of Jeremy Bentham, by Henry William Pickersgill / National Portrait Gallery, London Lecture by Dr. Ian Shapiro / 01.20.2000 Sterling Professor of Political Science Adjunct Law School Professor Director, MacMillan Center Yale University Enlightenment Tradition I: Classical Utilitarianism We’re going to start talking about classical utilitarianism, and we’re going to use as our point[…]

History of the Soviet Union, 1943-1947: Battle of Kursk to Wartime Evacuation

By Dr. Lewis Siegelbaum / 09.24.2015 Professor of Russian and European History Michigan State University 900 Days Heroic Leningrad, by The Aladzhalov Brothers (1944) / Wikimedia Commons By 1943, Leningraders were enduring their second winter of the German army’s siege of their city. The siege began in September 1941 after the Army Group North under[…]

In the Beginning: The History of Writing

  Left: A Sumerian tablet with cylinder seal impression of a hunter with hunting dogs and boars. 3100-2900 BC. Uruk Right: A Sumerian Writing Tablet. By Guity Novin / 03.23.2014 Graphic Designer, Artist History of Writing Overview Since the primordial time, spoken words and pictures have intermingled with each other as a means of communication[…]