Can You Pass this Smell Test?

The smell of daffodils is a treat for most people, but some cannot experience the joy because they have lost their sense of smell. Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/ By Dr. Steven D. Munger / 08.24.2017 Director, Center for Smell and Taste Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics University of Florida Each of our senses gives us a unique[…]

The Neuroscience of Compassion

By Azriel ReShel / 08.30.2017 Unlocking the Magic of Compassion A recent flood near where I live put many people’s homes and businesses under three metres of water. The natural disaster left the community devastated, and left me scratching my head at the judgement that came from some people towards the victims of the flood. Instead of[…]

Public Libraries Can (Literally) Serve as a Shelter from the Storm

Libraries are a good place for kids to hole up during emergencies. Daria Chichkareva/ By Grace Morris / 08.30.2017 Imaging/Digitization Specialist Michigan State University U.S. public libraries often transform into shelters during emergencies. After Superstorm Sandy, for example, the Princeton Public Library in New Jersey and Connecticut’s New Canaan Library gave the public somewhere to charge devices,[…]

Italica: Roman city in Santiponce

By Carole Raddato / 04.29.2014 Historian Italica is a well-preserved Roman city located in modern-day Santiponce, 9 kilometres north of Seville in Spain. The city was founded in 206 BC during the Second Punic War (218-202) when the Roman commander Publius Cornelius Scipio settled his Italian veterans on this site following a victory at the Battle of Ilipa. Although the nearby town of Hispalis[…]

Real Things and Why They Matter

Too much of our time in our hectic consumer society seems like “not life”—phony and artificial. / YES! Illustration by Fran Murphy In his new book, David Sax explains how giving into the lure of things like vinyl records and paperback books might actually make you happier. By Cecile Andrews / 09.04.2017 I went to the[…]