For Native Americans, a River is a Sacred Place

Colorado River. AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File By Dr. Rosalyn R. LaPier / 10.08.2017 Associate Professor of Environmental Studies The University of Montana The environmental group Deep Green Resistance recently filed a first-of-its-kind legal suit against the state of Colorado asking for personhood rights for the Colorado River. If successful, it would mean lawsuits can brought on behalf of the river[…]

Race and the White Elephant War of 1884

P. T. Barnum’s white elephant Toung Taloung, featured in an extra supplement to the Illustrated London News, January 26th 1884 / Wikimedia Commons Feuding impresarios, a white-but-not-white-enough elephant, and racist ads for soap — Ross Bullen on how a bizarre episode in circus history became an unlikely forum for discussing 19th-century theories of race, and inadvertently[…]

Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophical Analysis

By Dr. Garth Kemerling / 11.12.2011 Professor of Philosophy Capella University Philosophy Pages G.E. Moore: Analysis of Common Sense Life and Works During his long career at Cambridge University and as Editor of the premier British philosophical journal, Mind, G. E. Moore made an enormous contribution to the development of twentieth-century Anglo-American thought. Although he had studied with[…]