The Economic Theory of Ludwig von Mises

By Dr. Joseph T. Salerno / 10.25.2017 Ludwig von Mises as Social Rationalist For the most part Ludwig von Mises’s writings on society and social evolution have been ignored by the participants in the current revivals of both Austrian economics and classical liberal political philosophy. When his social theory has been addressed, Mises appears to[…]

Opposition to Galileo Came from Scientists and Clergy

The Ptolemaic Geocentric system. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Christopher M. Graney / 09.21.2016 Professor of Physics Jefferson Community and Technical College In 1614, when the telescope was new technology, a young man in Germany published a book filled with illustrations of the exciting new things being discovered telescopically: moons circling Jupiter, moon-like phases of Venus, spots[…]

Two or Three Things I Love about Ethnography

Photo by Jonathan Cardy / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Signe Howell Professor Emerita of Anthropology University of Oslo 7:1 (2017) Abstract I argue that anthropology and ethnography are two sides of the same coin. Anthropology is nothing without ethnography and ethnography is just an empty practice without a concern for the disciplinary debates in anthropology[…]

The Ideology of Friendship in the Era of Facebook

The behavior of consistent liberals and consistent conservatives is the topic of a Pew study. (Photo: Oli Dunkley/Creative Commons) By Dr. Daniel Miller Professor of Anthropology University College of London 7:1 (2017) Abstract This article suggests that while anthropologists have developed a highly nuanced analysis of kinship and friendship under a more general comparative study[…]

Finding Spirit: Ontological Monism in an Australian Aboriginal Desert World Today

“Government-aku Law nyiringka ngarapai. Ananguku Law katangka munu kurunta ngarapai. Nganana Tjukurpa nyiringka tjunkupai wiya. Tjukurpa panaya tjamulu, mamalu, ngunytjulu nganananya ungu, kurunta munu katangka kanyintjaku.” “Government law is written on paper. Anangu carry our law in our heads and in our souls. We don’t put our Law onto paper. It was given to us[…]