The Curse of Rowland Jenkins and the Oxford Assize of 1577

Lithograph (1892) depicting artist’s vision of the Salem Witch Trials, by Joseph Baker.  / Library of Congress By Dolly Stolze / 10.01.2017 History is full of stories about curses spoken by prisoners, either rightfully or wrongfully convicted, on the way to their execution. The hexes were a prisoner’s supernatural retribution for perceived wrongs that the[…]

Embedded Beings: How We Blended Our Minds with Our Devices

Photo by Gonzalo Baeza/Flickr    By Dr. Saskia K. Nagel and Dr. Peter B. Reiner / 10.04.2016 Nagel: Assistant Professor is Philosophy and Ethics of Technology, University of Twente (The Netherlands) Reiner: Professor and Cofounder of the National Core for Neuroethics, University of British Columbia (Vancouver) Like life itself, technologies evolve. So it is that[…]

The Hope Collection, from London to Los Angeles

The Illustrated London News (August 4, 1917) with highlights from the Hope Heirlooms sale including the Hope Athena and Hope Hygieia (now at LACMA). © Illustrated London News Group Provenance research unlocks the modern history of a renowned antiquities collection. By Nicole Budrovich / 07.25.2017 Curatorial Assistant, Department of Antiquities Getty Villa One hundred years[…]

Do You Have a True Self?

By Dr. Art Markman / 11.02.2017 Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing University of Texas at Austin Chances are you have lots of beliefs about yourself and other people. You use these beliefs to help predict why people do what they do. If someone yells at you, you might forgive them because[…]