Iceland’s Forgotten Fisherwomen

Fisherwomen have played a significant role in Iceland’s history, and yet their contribution has been, for the most part, overlooked. / Michelle Jones, Sapiens Many Icelandic women fished in the 18th and 19th centuries, but their work has been largely unrecognized. Why did these female seafarers fade from the country’s memory? By Roberta Kwok /[…]

Does One Ethnic Group Own Its Own Cultural Artefacts?

At the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Photo by Allegro-Takahi/Flickr By Dr. Tiffany Jenkins / 03.18.2016 Sociologist and Writer Objects that once adorned display cases in museums around the world are disappearing from view. In recent decades, dramatic wooden Iroquois face masks, crafted by the nations and tribes of indigenous people of North America, have been[…]

The Art of Dealing With Difficult People

By Azriel ReShel / 11.10.2017 Seven Ways to Ditch the Drama Think you’re too spiritual to have someone challenging in your life? Not even that one difficult person? Perhaps someone in your office, a friend, professional colleague or, most likely, a family member? Most of us have at least one testing person that keeps us[…]