Photographing the Architecture of Decay

Casemate H667, 2006, Jane and Louise Wilson. Black and white Laser Chrome print. © Jane and Louise Wilson 2006 Through photographs, the artists document twentieth-century ruins and the faded ideologies that once animated them. By Lyra Kilston / 07.02.2017 Editor, Public Affairs Department J. Paul Getty Museum Bunkers, by their nature, are the peak of[…]

Horsemanship and Masculinity in Early Modern England

From The Annals of Horsemanship (1791) by Geoffrey Gambado, Esq. / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Monica Mattfeld / 03.20.2018 Assistant Professor of English and History University of Northern British Columbia For much of human history, horses have been our travelling companions, our weapons of war, our industrial machines, our shoe leather, and our dog food. They have[…]

Pens and Needles: Reviving Book-Embroidery in Victorian England

Embroidered book cover for Henshaw’s Horae Successivae (1632), white satin with a floral design edged in gold cord, featured in Cyril Davenport’s English Embroidered Book-bindings (1899) / Internet Archive By Dr. Jessica Roberson / 03.21.2018 Postdoctoral Fellow William Andrews Clark Memorial Library University of California, Los Angeles This article, Pens and Needles: Reviving Book-Embroidery in Victorian England, was originally[…]

A History of the Byzantine Empire: Rome in the East

The Justinian Mosaic / Creative Commons Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 03.21.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief 1 – Byzantium: The New Rome 1.1 – Naming of the Byzantine Empire While the Western Roman Empire fell, the Eastern Roman Empire, now known as the Byzantine Empire, thrived. 1.1.1 – Introduction Map of Constantinople: A map of Constantinople,[…]