What Everyone Gets Wrong about Lonely People

Because loneliness is now considered a public health issue—and even an epidemic—people are exploring its causes and trying to find solutions. / Photo by Annie Theby, Unsplash Those trying to cure a loneliness epidemic by bringing people physically closer to their neighbors are oversimplifying its modern meaning. By Amelia S. Worsley / 03.22.2018 Is loneliness our modern[…]

William Sargant’s World of Psychosurgery, Brainwashing, and Exorcism

William W Sargant, 1948. Wellcome Library reference: PP/WWS/A/19. Mike Jay delves into the personal papers of one of the first ‘media psychiatrists’ of the 20th century. By Mike Jay / 04.02.2014 Author and Cultural Historian In some respects, Sargant was a distinguised establishment figure. He was co-author of ‘An Introduction to Physical Methods of Treatment in Psychiatry’, the[…]

Herodotus, Tacitus, and Eyewitness Reporting in Ancient Greece and Rome

News in ancient Greece Greek and Roman historians were also known to fudge or fabricate their time in the field. By Dr. Timothy Joseph / 02.23.2015 Associate Professor of Classics College of the Holy Cross Eyewitness reporting in ancient times The historians of ancient Greece and Rome placed a high priority on eyewitness reporting, on being there and seeing[…]

The Time is Right for the Elgin Marbles to Go Home

mark higgins/Shutterstock It’s lunacy to believe you own the moon, so why is cultural heritage any different? TheParthenon sculptures at least belong together. By Dr. Constantine Sandis / 07.07.2016 Professor of Philosophy University of Hertfordshire It is lunacy to believe you own the moon, and no amount of tomato juice you spill into the sea will make its water yours. Yet we ask the question “who owns antiquity?”[…]