Stoicism 5.0: The Unlikely 21st Century Reboot of an Ancient Philosophy

Keep calm and get your stoic on: more people today are heeding the advice than perhaps ever before. Stoicism has recently been described as one of the best “mind hacks” ever invented. Amazingly, it is back, more popular today than ever, in a series of fast-growing internet communities. By Dr. Matthew Sharpe / 07.12.2017 Associate Professor of Philosophy Deakin University From Cynicism[…]

Living Life as an Artist: Nietzsche on Creativity

The tragedies of ancient Greece underpin Nietzsche’s understanding of what it means to be an artist. Hans Runge/Flickr Love or loathe him, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) offered a unique way of considering creativity. By Dr. Laura D’Olimpio / 02.04.2015 Senior Lecturer in Philosophy University of Notre Dame Australia Love or loathe him, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) offered a unique way of[…]

Five Bloodcurdling Medical Procedures that are No Longer Performed … Thankfully!

Kunstmuseum St Gallen/Wikimedia Commons If the thought of undergoing surgery fills you with dread, spare a thought for your forebears. By Dr. Adam Taylor / 05.18.2017 Director of the Critical Anatomy Learning Centre Senior Lecturer in Anatomy Lancaster University Surgeries and treatments come and go. A new BMJ guideline, for example, makes “strong recommendations” against the use[…]

How the Discovery of Julius Caesar’s First Landing Point in Britain Could Change History

Wellcome Trust/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA At Ebbsfleet, in northeast Kent, archaeologists have finally uncovered the site where JuliusCaesar’s fleet landed in 54 BCE By Dr. Andrew Fitzpatrick / 11.29.2017 Research Associate University of Leicester During the nine-year-long Battle for Gaul, Julius Caesar fought his way across northwest Europe. He invaded Britain twice; in 55BC, and again in 54BC. But while archaeologists have found evidence of the[…]