Habitable Planets Could Exist around Pulsars

It is theoretically possible that habitable planets exist around pulsars – spinning neutron stars that emit short, quick pulses of radiation. According to new research, such planets must have an enormous atmosphere that converts the deadly x-rays and high energy particles of the pulsar into heat. The results, from astronomers at the University of Cambridge[…]

Dating the Sun’s Prenatal History Can Help Find Life on Other Planets

A new approach to dating the birth of our solar system could help find other similar systems. Flickr/Dmitry Boyarin, CC BY Without the sun, there would be no Earth – but amazingly, we don’t know the finer details about the prenatal history of our sun.    By Dr. Maria Lugaro (left) and Dr. Alexander Heger (right) / 08.08.2014[…]

Rhetoric: What Was All the Talk About?

Aristotle s definition of rhetoric in one founding text in the rhetorical tradition. The role of rhetoric was pedagogical, or rather persuasive: to teach, but also always to move—and if need be, to please or delight. By Dr. Matthew Sharpe / 03.05.2016 Associate Professor of Philosophy Deakin University A little case of 1616 repeatin’ Shakespeare’s gravestone and[…]

The Truth about the Amazons – the Real Wonder Women

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: a true Amazonian, she is trained in a range of skills in both combat and hunting. Atlas Entertainment, Cruel & Unusual Films, DC Entertainment Since the epics of the Homeric poets, there have been tales of the mysterious, war-like Amazon women. The myth is likely based on the ‘strong, free’ women of the nomadic Scythian tribe. By Dr. Marguerite Johnson / 03.29.2017 Associate Professor of Ancient History[…]

Hands on the Wall: Were the First Artists Actually Women?

Women’s contribution to art history might have to be revised – for the better. Dean Snow/Society for American Archaeology In France’s Pech Merle cave, which is around 25,000 years old, many hand prints were indeed female. By Dr. Janine Burke / 10.20.2013 Art Historian, Research Fellow Monash University Back in the 70s, when I was writing a[…]