Bleeding Kansas

John Brown in “The Tragic Prelude,” displayed at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. Painted by John Steuart Curry, ca. 1938-1940. / Wikimedia Commons Unrest in the Kansas Territory between 1854 and 1856. By Dr. Catherine Denial Bright Professor of American History Knox College “Bleeding Kansas” describes a period of civil unrest in Kansas Territory between[…]

Bible Moralisée (Moralized Bibles) of the Thirteenth Century

Middle left (detail), Scenes from the Apocalypse, Paris-Oxford-London Bible moralisée, France, c. 1225-45 (The British Library, Harley MS 1527 fol. 140v) By Dr. Nancy Ross / 01.21.2016 Assistant Professor of Art History Dixie State College Utah One book, thousands of illustrations Top: Blanche of Castile and King Louis IX of France and below: Priest dictating to a scribe, Bible of Saint[…]

The Art of the Lindisfarne Gospels

Lindisfarne Gospels, St. Matthew (detail), Second Initial Page, f.29, early 8th century (British Library) By Louisa Woodville / 08.08.2015 Adjunct Professor of Medieval History George Mason University A medieval monk takes up a quill pen, fashioned from a goose feather, and dips it into a rich, black ink made from soot. Seated on a wooden[…]

Babylon: Hammurabi’s ‘Holy City’

Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 06.19.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Rise of Babylon The Emergence of the First Babylonian Dynasty After the collapse of the Akkadians, the Babylonian Empire flourished under Hammurabi, who conquered many surrounding peoples and empires, in addition to developing an extensive code of law and establishing Babylon as a “holy city” of[…]

The Rise and Fall of the Akkadian Empire

The first civilizations formed in river valleys, and were characterized by a caste system and a strong government that controlled water access and resources. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 06.19.2018 Historian Breminate Editor-in-Chief River Valley Civilizations The First Civilizations The Nile River and Delta: Most of the Ancient Egyptian settlements occurred along the northern part[…]