Mapping Durham’s Medieval Sanctuary Seekers

Egglestone Abbey, Barnard Castle in County Durham In medieval England, people in debt or who had broken the king’s law—people hoping to avoid imprisonment in deadly gaols or death at the end of a rope—sometimes sought sanctuary. By Dr. Krista Kesselring / 07.02.2018 Professor of History Dalhousie University Sanctuary-seeking today typically refers to the efforts[…]

Citizenship in Medieval England

From the Domesday Book Today, we tend to think that birth alone confers citizenship. Not so in medieval England. By Dr. Sara M. Butler / 05.03.2018 Professor and King George III Chair in British History The Ohio State University In the late fifteenth century, John Medewall brought his petition before the chancellor at Westminster. He[…]

Knowledge, Art, and Education in Plato’s Republic

Plato surrounded by students in his Academy in Athens. Mosaic (detail) from the Villa of T. Siminius Stephanus, Pompeii, 1st century B.C. Roman National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Inv. No. 124545. Source: Wikimedia Commons Investigating the relationship between art, education, and politics in Plato’s Republic and how gnoseological assumptions can clear tensions in this relationship   By[…]