Dictatorship and Totalitarianism in World War II

Examining the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 10.08.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Germany: Adolf Hitler The Weimar Republic The rebellion, November 1918 / German Federal Archives, Wikimedia Commons Following the complete collapse of Germany’s armed forces throughout the waning months of 1918, German generals and politicians desperately sought to[…]

The Aztecs: Dominion in the Valley of Mexico to 1521

Aztec calendar / Anthropology Museum, Photo by Rengarajang, Wikimedia Commons The Aztecs dominated the Valley of Mexico for 100 years, until their downfall at the hands of Hernan Cortez and his conquistadors in 1521. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 10.08.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief A Kingdom of Blood The capital city of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlán,[…]

Geology and the Maya Civilization

Tikal Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Credit – chensiyuan, WIkimedia Commons Geology relates to interdisciplinary or seemingly unconnected topics, which, at first glance, might seem like they have nothing to do with geology at all. By Flo Bullough / 08.30.2013 Policy Assistant The Geological Society Introduction Here look at the pre-Columbian Maya Civilisation, partly inspired by a story on[…]

The Reforms of Augustus, Rome’s First Emperor

The mausoleum of Augustus in Rome / Photo by ryarwood, Wikimedia Commons “I found a city built of sun-dried brick. I leave her clothed in marble.” By Donald L. Wasson / 05.25.2016 Professor of Ancient/Medieval History Lincoln College Introduction Emperor Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE) accomplished much during his time on the Roman throne, far more than many of[…]

Oligarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy in Ancient Greece

Ostraka for Ostracism / Museum of the Ancient Agora, Wikimedia Commons Although the Greek city-states differed in size and natural resources, they came to share certain fundamental political institutions and social traditions. By Dr. Thomas R. Martin Jeremiah W. O’Connor, Jr. Professor of  Classics College of the Holy Cross Introduction Although the Greek city-states differed in[…]