Louis IX and the Eighth Crusade: Ending at the Beginning

Blanche de Castille and King Louis IX / The Morgan Library and Museum, Wikimedia Commons Upon Louis IX’s death, campaign was abandoned before it had even properly begun. By Mark Cartwright / 09.12.2018 Historian Introduction A 15th century CE painting depicting the death of French king Louis IX in 1270 CE during the Eighth Crusade at Tunis. / Wikimedia Commons[…]

The Fourth Crusade and the Fall of Constantinople

Attack of the Crusaders on Constantinople, miniature in a manuscript of 9 La Conquête de Constantinople by Geoffreoy de Villehardouin, Venetian ms. / Wikimedia Commons Instead of Jerusalem as initially intended, the target ended up being Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire. By Mark Cartwright / 09.03.2018 Historian Introduction A painting by Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863 CE) depicting the entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople in[…]

Kamares Ware and Trade in Ancient Minoa

Kamares wares in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion (photo: Bernard Gagnon, CC BY-SA 3.0) Kamares ware helps us map the trading relationships of the Minoans with the Mediterranean at large. By Dr. Senta German / 08.20.2018 Faculty of Classics Andrew W Mellon Foundation Teaching Curator, Ashmolean Museum University of Oxford Look closely at the jug on the top shelf at[…]

The Harvester Vase of Hagia Triada: An Eye into Ancient Minoan Agriculture

Harvester Vase from Hagia Triada, c. 1550-1500 B.C.E., black steatite, diameter 4.5 inches (Archaeological Museum of Heraklion) As the name of this vessel indicates, it is generally thought that its decoration refers to harvesting. By Dr. Senta German / 08.16.2018 Faculty of Classics Andrew W Mellon Foundation Teaching Curator, Ashmolean Museum University of Oxford Small but Powerful Found[…]

Hezekiah and the Assyrian Tribute

Seal of Hezekiah, 8th century BCE / Creative Commons The tribute provides valuable information for the reconstruction of the social and cultural history of the early Israelites.    By Gail A. Röthlin and Dr. Magdel le Roux Röthlin: Magister Student le Roux: Professor of Biblical and Ancient Studies University of South Africa Abstract The immensity of Hezekiah’s tribute[…]

Kingship in the Ancient Near East and Israel

Kudurru of Nabû-kudurrī-uṣur granting LAK-ti Marduk freedom from taxation for services rendered during his invasion of Elam / Wikimedia Commons Kingship in Israel and other ancient Near Eastern societies is a major focus of modern scholarship and has produced fascinating results. By Dr. Cian Power Researcher in Ancient Near Eastern Studies Harvard University History of[…]