After the Great War: Nationalism, Degenerationism, and Mass Psychology

Mass psychology and nationalism as as a form of degeneration, or a barbarous and cruel regression after the Great War. By Dr. Juan García-García Professor of Business Management and Sociology Universidad de Extremadura Abstract This article explores the influence of psychological language and discourses on the contemporary view of nationalism, an issue that has only begun to be[…]

A Photographic Tour of the Persian Gulf and Iraq, 1906

‘House of the dragoman [translator] of British Consulate Basra’, 1906 (IOR/L/PS/20/C260, f 27), Public Domain  Wilfrid Malleson’s November, 1906, report and photos from an intelligence gathering tour in the Persian Gulf. By Louis Allday / 10.21.2018 PhD Student History SOAS University of London In November 1906, Wilfrid Malleson, a British military intelligence officer, departed from Simla[…]

Sensing the Image: Gender, Piety, and Images in Late Medieval Tuscany

Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece by Guariento di Arpo, 1344, tempera and gold leaf on panel, Norton Simon Museum / Wikimedia Commons Exploring a range of ways in which holy images were ‘sensed’ by women in renaissance Tuscany. By Dr. Catherine Lawless Director, The Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies Trinity College Dublin Abstract The Florentine[…]

The Power of Sharing Stories

Research shows that a people’s knowledge of their family history correlates to higher self-esteem, lower anxiety, stronger familial cohesion, and a better sense of control over one’s life. / Photo by Gideon Mendel, Getty Images A growing body of evidence points to the mental health benefits of oral storytelling. By Liz Brazile / 10.16.2018 As Joe Clemons was[…]

What Is Culture?

To an anthropologist, it means the patterns of human behaviour, and all that that entails. 01.01.2018 Introduction The word “culture” is used in different ways by different people. To some, it might mean a string quartet and the use of multiple utensils at dinner. To others, it might be used in a vague way when planning[…]